International Collaboration Aids in Italian Paedophile Arrest


A 30-year-old Italian individual (Italian Paedophile) has been arrested by the Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato). It is stated that the arrest took place within just ten days of the video discovery. International police forces also equally took part in the arrest incident to trace down the accused who allegedly produced child sexual abuse materials.

Image: Hurriyetdailynews

The videos that the accused made were deliberately sold on the dark web. The videos exposed the suspect violently sexually abusing a preschool girl. The Italian police have analysed all the videos that the Italian Pedophile has put up on sale. This has brought to light the fact that the videos were shooted in a region of Northern Italy. In no time Europol prioritised the case and dedicated a group of staff members to it.

The partner law enforcement agencies put forth some valuable information. The law enforcement agencies belonged from various parts of the world – Australia, Canada, Denmark and France. The victim identification specialists from these countries were dedicated to the case and worked hand in hand with Europol to identify the victim and as well as the suspect. Identification was made through a thorough examination of the videos and the images so that information can be extracted quicker and can be provided to the Italian Police Force.

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The Italian State Police has identified the residence of the accused. This was possible due to the combination of that information with open-source information and intelligence from Europol. Europol worked with the field office of the Police Servizio Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni-CNCPO (State Postal and Communications). It carried out the thorough investigation and search of the residence of the Italian Paedophile. Thousands of images and videos of sexual exploitation of minors have been discovered from the place along with other evidence. The victim has been identified, and her safety has been restored. The accused has been arrested and awaits trial.

Source: Europol

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