Europe’s Most Bizarre Travel Scams By The Con Artists


Europe is an attraction for tourist all around the world. The continent is full of crows all around the year. The continents have beautiful places where there are beautiful sunny beaches to cherry Christmas markets. If there are so much happening around there is bound to be creative travel scams that con artists expertly execute on unsuspecting tourists. Travel scams are not new phenomena and have been since the time of Marcopolo. So to understand, how to avoid and spot a scam before getting ripped off might help tourist stay safe and be aware of these travel scams that plagued every tourist destination.

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There are examples of some bizarre travel scams that take place regularly and quite often. The most awkward travel scams are the strip scam. This can happen to anyone and everyone and will blow your mind off. Suppose there is a tourist who is visiting a place in Italy. The tourist decides one fine morning to take a walk down the street. Suddenly a loud shout draws the tourist’s attention. The tourist sees a woman arguing loudly with a street vendor. As the women are arguing with the street vendor, a crowd gathers to take stock of the situation. The street vendor actually is accusing the women of shoplifting. The women trying to prove her innocence starts to strip and when he strips till her abdomen the shoplifter forgives him and the crowd disappears.  What the crowd will later realize is all their money bags have been stolen, in that brief pause at the shop thanks to the team of pickpockets who were working behind the scene.

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This is just one of the many innovative European travel scams that con tourist. The pickpocket travel scams will look like when a tourist might see well-dressed businessmen trying to sniff money from your pocket. There is a lot on the list but please make sure to take care of your belongings before you entertain any strangers which even includes tourist guides.

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