Ecstasy Pills: Austrian Receives Wrong Package Instead of Dresses

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According to a recent publication, an Austria woman received a package containing ecstasy pills worth about half a million dollar instead of a package of dresses ordered from a retailer in the Netherlands.

What makes the story interesting is that she refused to take advantage of the shipment that could make her rich, but instead returned the package to the local post office. It has been said that the package was ordered from the dark web by someone else, and was mistakenly switched.

The Inside Story of the Ecstasy Pills Package

According to a statement issued by the narcotics department of the City Police Command Linz, the unidentified Austria woman made an order of dresses from a retailer in Netherland. After the packages were delivered, she found two dresses in the first package. She then opened the second package, and to her surprise, she found a bunch of ecstasy pills in there.

There were 24800 purple ecstasy pills in the box, and the woman earlier thought they were decorative pebbles. However, her husband suspected the substances to be stimulants and decided to return the package to the post office.

The post office also alerted the police after which the investigation was conducted. According to the investigation, the ecstasy pills were worth $550,000 in Austria. In the UK, the value is worth $205,000. This case is currently being investigated by the Scotland police and the National Crime Agency in the UK.

Ecstasy pills

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This case reveals the true nature of the various postal services and how drug dealers have been taking advantage of the loopholes to ship a bunch of drugs to customers across the world. Ecstasy pills are one of the most trafficked drug on the dark web alongside fentanyl pills and methamphetamine.

Earlier this year, a similar incident happened in Australia when an elderly couple signed for a package at the post office and later discovered it contained methamphetamine. According to the report, the drugs were worth around $10 million which speaks a lot about the extent to which drug traffickers can go right at the noses of the officers at the various post offices. Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Matthew Kershaw clarified that the couple did nothing wrong.

Ecstasy pills

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According to him, for anyone to send $10 million worth of drugs to someone else is incredible to comprehend, especially how sloppy they can be. The investigation is ongoing to discover the individuals behind the package if possible.

In the case of the Austria woman, it is possible the mix up occurred in the Netherlands post office considering the fact that she made the order from a retail shop over there. The Netherland has over the years recorded a significant number of confiscated ecstasy pills and amphetamine in various postal mails rising from 137kg in 2016 to 470kg in 2018.

The Netherlands is also known to be one of the major exporters of drugs in the world. With the many records of related violence and overdose deaths, authorities have put measures in place to control the high trafficking of drugs and has led to many arrests.

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