Darknet Ecstasy & Methamphetamine Distribution: Vendor “Gladyman” Convicted


A convicted felon from Bayshore of New York, named Lawrence Ross is facing charges for allegedly selling methamphetamine and as well as ecstasy on several dark web markets under the user name “Gladyman“. As pet the court documents, Lawrence Ross has also distributed drugs via the encrypted messaging application widely known by the name Wickr.

It all started in November 2018, when the United States Postal Inspection Service had learned that the accused had been selling drugs through the dark web under the username “Gladyman“. During the same month, the USPIS had intercepted a package that contained ecstasy and as per the criminal complaint, it has been known that using various law enforcement databases the Postal Inspectors had traced the box back to the defendant, Lawrence Ross. Soon after the interception followed by subsequent identification of Lawrence Ross, a search database made by the law enforcement has uncovered that stated Ross to possess a previous conviction for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance specifically ecstasy, with intent to sell. He was also paroled and will continue to be on parole until 2020 against the 2017 ecstasy charge. However, the 2017 ecstasy case did successfully highlight that Ross had been purchasing drugs from suppliers internationally, courts—at the time—seemingly found no connection between his international drug conspiracy and the dark web.

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The completely documented investigation began just two months later on January 2018. Sean T. Mcguire, a postal inspector with the USPIS, began interacting with Gladyman on an undisclosed dark web market. He had made a number of purchases from Gladyman between January and March 2019. The pills were then sent via the U.S. Mail to an undercover P.O. Box. After several transactions made with Gladyman, the Postal Inspector began to engage with Gladyman on Wickr (as Gladyman had advertised on his dark web profile the ability to communicate with him via Wickr using the screen name or username “Sweettooth80.” In April of the same year, after Homeland Security Investigations had intercepted a pill press die addressed to Lawrence Ross, the investigators installed a camera facing Ross’ house. The Postal Inspector made a number of controlled purchases and observed the defendant drop the packages off at the Post Office. The section below states one of the many examples described by law enforcement in court documents:

In an application for a warrant, the law enforcement had detailed the importance of seizing a suspect’s electronics before the suspect has an opportunity to encrypt the devices. A search warrant executed on the 24th of July, 2019, resulted in the seizure of 10 kilograms of ecstasy; a pill press; approximately $250,000 of Bitcoin; and as well as approximately $50,000 of U.S. currency.

On the 25th of July,  Richard P. Donoghue, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, has announced the charges against Lawrence Ross of conspiring to distribute and distributing, more than 10 kilograms of ecstasy and more than 45 grams of methamphetamine.

Here is the complete announcement.

Source: DOJ

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