Dutch Cops to Join Hands with Volunteers to Fight Darknet Crimes


The Dutch authorities have come up with all new method of fighting the peak in the criminal activity on the internet (darknet crimes). The cops have now joined hands with the volunteers to deal with the offenses. The crackdown is mainly focussing on the dark web that has gained immense popularity as the crime hub over the past few years. A small group of the volunteers who is taking part in the new initiative to tackle the dark net crimes are the 14 individuals having expertise in the Information Technology. These experts are hired to track down the illicit dark web activities and help the police to catch the perpetrators. In addition to the 14 experts, the 200 police volunteers will take part in the fight against the dark web crimes. All of the officers have experience in ICT. The police volunteers also include an oncologist and a retired physicist.

One of the volunteering officers have reported that he had trained the others in the computer related subjects and have claimed to have shared his knowledge of the cryptocurrencies with the others. The volunteers will study the dark web crimes and present the information they find to the authorities. For example, one of the IT expert volunteers will help the police in tracing the weapon related offenses.

Over the past few years, the Europol has shown a lot of interest in the illegal trading that takes place on the dark web. The agency has helped the Dutch authorities through its international support to fight against the darknet crimes. As for example, the agency have helped the Netherlands in the investigation of Hansa marketplace of the dark web where there were around 3,600 drug dealers operating on the platform. The Dutch law enforcements traced them down and ceased their operations as well as took over their accounts in 2017.


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