Austrian Police Bust Large Scale Drug Trafficking Ring


Austrian law enforcement agency have taken down and arrested a large scale drug trafficking organization that operated in a whole new way to evade the police and get reach their customers. According to the police the group conducted all the operations electronically. They used the Dark Web as the platform where they purchased drugs and then sold them to their customers, majority of them being local through customized message application. The alleged group never used drops and communicated electronically. They never interacted with their customers physically. This week the Vienna State Office of Criminal Investigation held a press conference about the arrest of this new type of Drug dealers who have leveraged technology and have enhanced the Drug Distribution to new heights.

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Official of the Vienna State Office of Criminal Investigation highlighted the group’s use of electronic devices and digital communication as new generation of drug trafficking. Three of the main suspects are in police custody. One, a 24-year-old, led the operation, investigators said. He purchased drugs on various darkweb marketplaces using cryptocurrency. He had the packages shipped to abandoned buildings and empty apartments throughout Vienna. Two of his co-conspirators, a 19-year-old and a 22-year-old, helped pick the packages up and transport them to specific stash spots. During raids the police department officials found huge stock of drugs and in one of the raids the seizure was estimated to be around 35,000 euros.

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During the operation the official of Vienna State Office of Criminal Investigation found out about the nature the drug traffickers operated and how the customers received the package. During the course of the investigation the police department found out that the customer interacted with the drug dealers via messages and the drug dealers would send them GPS coordinates from where they could collect their packages. All communication between the customers and the dealers took place over undisclosed messaging application. The law enforcement agency arrested the mastermind after they attempted to retrieve a package from the post office.

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