3 Suspects Arrested Running Drug Syndicate on the Darknet


Three men from Brockton of Massachusetts have been arrested who were suspected of running a large scale drug syndicate on the dark web. The suspects are identified as the 23 year old Steven McCall, 22 year old Allante Pires and 22 year old Binh Le who are said to have set up the headquarters of their drug operation in Stoughton from where they distributed their product all across the state. Over 20 pounds of the drug ecstasy and ketamine were seized after an undercover investigation by state and local law enforcement personnel. The three accused have all pleaded not guilty to the drug trafficking charges and running an drug syndicate.

To track down the accused, the officer from the team was chosen to go undercover and trick the drug vendors into a trap. The undercover agent has purchased two orders of ecstasy from their respective vendor handle in an undisclosed dark web market in January and February. One of the accused vendors allegedly sent the orders to the undercover agent through the U.S. Postal Service mailboxes. Later on the detective has received a package of five ecstasy tablets that weighed a total of 2 grams. Furthermore, a good number of the undercover detectives were put on the 24 hour surveillance of a certain office in the Central Station of Stoughton that was suspected of being the storage area of the drugs. Le was spotted exiting from the office carrying a trash bag that he threw in a dumpster just outside the building that contained 1.2 kg of ecstasy. The three accused were arraigned in the Stoughton District Court a day after their arrest and were charged of drug trafficking of over 200 grams of ecstasy and ketamine on the dark web. An additional charge of distributing a Class B substance.


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