Replacement to About-To-Be-Closed Largest Dark Web Marketplace Is On Its Way


The Dream Market, one of the top darknet markets, has been in the business for five long years and now it is preparing to close. It has been known that the darknet marketplace (DNM) will close all of its businesses within a month before it comes in a new avatar along with a new onion domain. The decision has shaken a lot of the buyers within the darknet community who are claiming for the reassurance about the site not being seized by the law enforcement.

The Dream Market has been known as the most reliable marketplace in terms of both uptime and vendor reputation since fall of the Silk Road. It seems to be unaffected from the law enforcement and from hackers who seek to extort money from the marketplace. The Dream Marketplace in the last few weeks has suffered from the irregular services of the DDoSer knocking the website offline. As per the post that has been shared on a darknet forum similar to Reddit named Dread, the Dream admins have opened up about an attack by the DDoSer where they have been extorted for $400K who has constantly been attacking for the past seven weeks.

The Dream admins have urged the users to ignore the FUD and suggested that the website had been compromised by law enforcement. They also promised that the new avatar of the about-to-be-closed Dream Market will soon be live on the darknet and that it will be as good as the existing Dream market. According to the infographic submitted by the EU Drugs Agency, the number of websites intending to scam people is much more compared to the licit ones. But the loss of the Dream Market has created a lot of jitters amongst the users though a solid replacement has been planned and about to go live.


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