Dread is back again with a new improved platform


Dread the famous platform on the Darknet is back online and is up and running smoothly after some minor changes in the platform. The forum relaunched after an improvement including an up gradation of its UI, chatrooms and better spam management tools. The new improvement in the darknet site is will prevent an proper user experience with no such down time as was the case last time as there were frequent 502 errors occurring. This up gradation in the infrastructure should improve the overall speed of the site.

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There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the Dread’s platform and it is unlikely that any explanation for the downtime would appease users with grudges against HugBunter or Dread. Soon after the launch of the platform Dread the old evils soon came to haunt as same denial of service or DoS attacks started to occur which was the case prior to the downtime. Due to these attacks which happened before the up gradation took place the database that stored comments, posts and all the other relevant data went missing. It has been confirmed that Dread is missing two weeks of Data as pointed out by HugBunter recent update. However the missing data will not be much of a concern and all the subdreads are already up and running.

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Ina post that HugBunter shared with the followers he listed these changes that were brought in the platform

  • Minor UI/UX improvements
  • Mod mail pagination has finally been fixed
  • Subdread flair: User search should be a lot more reliable now
  • Captcha bug fixes
  • DDOS captcha gateway has been upgraded to support the new captcha
  • Subdread suggestions on front-page (These will be targeted in the near future)
  • Official/Important announcement posts can now be pinned to the front-page (Like this one)
  • Dread staff moderation tools have been expanded for better spam management
  • New caching for large dataset queries
  • Subdread live chartrooms

Source: Darknetlive

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