Ongoing DOS Attack Leads Dread To Currently Go Down


Dread, which is a similar dark web discussion platform as Reddit indulging in discussions of the .onion links, is currently going through the Denial of Service (DOS) attacks that are hampering the service of the forum to a large extent. It has been found that there is absolutely no fix available on the Tor mainstream builds for the DOS Attacks, even though the latest alpha builds included potential solutions.

The HugBunter’s service has made it through the majority of the month of June without going down due to denial of service attacks (DOS). An entity has been attacking the Dread forum continuously with an attack that runs the CPU load up to 100% while effectively killing the server. Some potential fixes were pushed to an alpha build that has helped to some extent though not completely. HugBunter said that the update has helped but that it would not be enough to stop the attacker from taking the Dread forum down.

Since the early phase of 2018, attackers have been utilizing several tactics in order to kill the dark web marketplaces. Some markets have mitigated the damage from the attacks with the help of OnionBalance, vanguards and specific configurations in the tor’s configuration file. After every fix, though, the attacker finds another way round to bring the service down aiming at the goal.

It has not been long after HugBunter had gotten the Dread forum back online, the attacker has managed to knock it back offline. At some point later, a more in-depth post will cover the types of attacks implemented to bring down the Dread and the other hidden services. This serves as a public service announcement of some sorts for now.

Below is the message that has been posted on the /r/DreadAlert subreddit by HugBunter on June 22.

And here is the message that the HugBunter has posted before the one above:

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