Domino’s France to Attract Customer with Bitcoin Offering


Dominos France the major subsidiary of American major food tech Domino is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. The company has pledged to give $100,000 to customer in France away in either in Bitcoin or in euros. For customer to participate and chance to win customer have to register for every purchase they make at Domino’s outlet.

For every purchase the customer makes online, the customers will get a chance to win monetary value in form of Bitcoin. The winner of the competition which will have been opened by Domino’s France will end on 4th of September. The winner will be given the choice as to in which form the customer choose to take the prize.

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This news has started speculation and interest from FX and crypto watchers who have already expecting an upward movement in both the markets. Although the market watchers and business have started to question the business model of Dominos France as Cryptocurrency have not yet taken shape as pure form of currency the spokesman of Domino’s is optimistic about the launch of this new innovative word that will rack in more sale.

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Domino’s the multinational company has a market capitalization of over 10 billion dollars has recently faced operational problem in the French market. According to the American financial newspaper Wall Street Journal report , the French subsidiary of the American food behemoth Domino’s crucial online delivery scheduling algorithm kept repeatedly misread and misinterpreted French language and French addresses and with it several other European languages. Dominos major according to the wall Street Journal reports have also been leveled charges of their staffs being underpaid and overworked. This gross management in part of Domino’s human resource department has attracted a lot of bad press around the world that reflected in their share prices.

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