TOR is the home to the .onion links of all kinds. Over the years it has been welcoming several dark web links and bidding goodbye to a few more. Off lately, Tor has welcomed a brand new news portal that is beyond being just a regular news portal. If you are very eager to know which one is being talked about here then here you go!

DNMLive is one savior! It has been started as a news portal but little did anyone know about the various other features it has to offer. Before jumping on to the other features DNMLive new news website is offering, let us talk a little bit on the news. Different dark web news hits the headlines each day. Be it from the arrests, seizures, darknet market collapse, surfacing of the new dark web markets and vendor shops, everything can be traced in the dark web related news. DNMLive takes the initiative to bring to you all of that news from around the world in a single platform.

Highlighted Features of the New DNMLive Website

Speaking of the other highlighted features, there are a couple of them like:

  • Darknet Markets
  • Vendor Shops
  • Forum
  • Arrests
  • Launchpad

Darknet Market

Darknet Market or Dark Web Market, as you would like to call it is those markets that usually sell illegal stuff. With the darknet markets, it has been seen that they keep coming and going. It becomes a task to keep up with the huge number of darknet markets that either go for maintenance or are crippled down by the law enforcement or the new ones that come alive. DNMLive deep web lists out all the markets that are up to date or are working. They also additionally provide the mirror links. Most of the markets that have been included are the drug markets and they make sure to update the list from time to time.

Vendor Shops

Vendor Shops are no different than the darknet markets. They too are closed in case of any mishaps and new ones keep coming live. DNMLive keeps a track of the outdated vendor shops and the latest ones joining the team. They update the list of their vendor shops quite frequently so that you face no inconveniences. They also add reviews on those vendor shops and furnish them with their respective PGP keys.

Darknet Forums

Darknet forums play a vital role as it provides enough space for the users to communicate amongst each other under their respective aliases. The darknet forum list provided by DNMLive new news website is updated on a regular basis so that you can take help from the most trusted darknet forums. Not only did they include forums, but they have also included various other discussion platforms such as Dread, Darknet Avengers, 8chan, and Germany in the Deep Web. All the forums that are listed on the website mainly target on dark web markets, drugs, privacy, politics, hacking, addiction, harm prevention, and day-to-day life.

Dark Web Arrests

DNMLive has arranged a special section on their website that solely lists out the well-known darknet arrests and the arrested individuals. The current situation is such that it includes only the list of the vendors bearing identified market names.


DNMLive deep web has introduced their very own Launchpad in the focus to help out those vendors or darknet market admins who want to reach to the larger mass in a short span of time. The Launchpad serves as the easiest method of recognition for all of them.

How to Access DNMLive

DNMLive is a Tor-based website and thus it requires the usage of the Tor browser to access the DNMLive link. All you have to do is head to the Tor project website and download the Tor browser. Install the browser on your desktop and purchase a premium version of a VPN. Run both simultaneously.

Now, in the search bar of Tor, type the DNMLive Darkweb link http://dnmliveahwgu7nvu.onion/ and press enter. You will land on the homepage of the website. You do not need to login in order to access the contents of the website. As of now, the website does not have any mirror links.

Now that you are already aware of the whereabouts of DNMLive, you are all set to access the portal without any delay.



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