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The SamSara Market is the new version of the Dream Market that recently got shut down. Not many changes have been seen though the most noticeable changes that have been observed are the change in the logo and the new shopping cart option. Escrow system is available. The SamSara marketplace sells a variety of content that includes drugs, stolen data, and counterfeit consumer goods, all using cryptocurrency. Find the SamSara Market Links here.

MOD: Linked Removed for SCAMMING...

since 4 days i send btc and its not confirmed!there is no support !nothing!scam be careful!

Support's been ignoring for 2 months

The market works. Design is perfect. BUT! Moderators and admins of this market doesn’s respond at all. If you face a problem I garantee that they will ignore your issue. I’ve been there too

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Total SCAM sent BTC to my Samsara wallet nothing arrived then same day my wallet address has changed, I wont be using again total SCAM .

Scam Site

Watch out, I think this site has scammed reviews etc. Orders don’t arrive! Mods don’t answer

SCAM beware!
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Found this site listed many places, but when I sent BTC to the wallet they never seem to arrive. No update, no possibility to contact support. Complete scam!


The market isn’t a scam. Yes it has scammers but you need to do the work and read reviews and make contact with vendor before buying. I know a few vendors who are legit. I’ve had no problems.


This Samasara is scamming user,, they will steal your money and blame it to phisher which in reality they are the one who is doing the phishing,,, Save you money and do not sign in to this samasara they are  scammer.

Definitely not a Scam

First off those who say it’s a scam obviously dosent know what they are doing . I’ve never had an issue with anything on this market. Just sent money to my wallet today and 30 min or so it was in. If you sent money last month then it’s your fault for losing money. Market was not up to par for attacks. And to the ones who say their bitcoin changed that’s normal. Do some research on there with vendors. Make contact and read reviews. If price sounds to good to be true it is. Yes they have scammers but there very few. Last thing. Always send your bitcoin from the bitcoin atm. It’s faster and you scan the code so it goes to your account. Even if it changes after you scan and send it will arrive in the new one. Most these reviews are probably jealous vendors on other markets. This is the only market we need.

samsara SCAM

They cancelled all my escrow order and taken my BTC

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