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Description: NamasteLSD is a well-known vendor that has been trusted by more than 9000 customers worldwide, who left him an average rating of 4.92/5. He offers a wide variety of products, including LSD tabs, LSD crystal, MDMA, XTC, 2CB powder, 2CB pills, S-ketamine, R-ketamine, 4-MMC mephedrone, 3-MMC and a lot more! He offers to ship from the USA, Europe, and India and also offers dead-drops for large orders. He accepts both Bitcoin and Monero as payment.

You can find the vendors PGP key in his shop.
His contact information, FAQ, pre-order information and a guide on how to use PGP can be found there.

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I need Help

how can i place order . i’m pretty noob in this.

did i need PGP or something can any one guide me.

Nice product

The 2C-B powder was good.


Good stuff   MDMA   is good..

Happy customer! Finally shipping fast again and product top notch as always.

Namaste has been shipping slow for  a while (one order of 500g MDMA took 5 weeks to westcoast US so I already accepted that order to be lost) but last 2 orders all arrived within 14 days after being marked shipped.

Unbeatable prices, very friendly support and really really good products. Stealth is also pretty good and surprising! Will buy again!

Nice Lsd

Namaste is doing an lsd giveaway and I needed to write a review so here we go, this doesn’t mean that I’ll lie or anything like that. I’ll be 100% honest with the review.

Shipping: Shipping to an EU country was ok, 2 weeks and I already had it in my hands, nothing more to say here. [4/5]

Stealth: It’s as stealthy as it can get with lsd, of course I’m not going to describe the package since that would be stupid but I must say that if you open the envelope without knowing there is lsd inside, you wouldn’t have guessed. [5/5]

Buying experience: Good web with a simple design, easy to use and they were fast updating payment status and such, lately they have been getting some issues and sometimes the page is down. [4/5]

Quality: The quality is good, they’re tasteless tabs with a good looking print and with one you will get a nice and colorful trip but it will be manageable, when I took it I was in a remote place and when some people walked by I could handle myself. The thing is I’ve talked with some other people that bought these tabs and they’re by no means 200ug, I don’t know the dosage since I didn’t lab test but yeah, don’t expect actual 200ug. [3.5/5]

Price: The thing is I really wasn’t expecting 200ug since the price it’s awesome, to be honest at first when I was about to buy them I thought that it could be a scam. You just get prices you would get by buying an entire sheet but instead I bought 25 tabs, it was 1.8 eur/tab or something like that, amazing price. [6/5]

Long shipping times, but great customer service
  • MrPotatoMan reviewed 2 years ago
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I’m currently awaiting multiple orders from NamasteLSD and while the shipping is taking quite some time I have to compliment his customer service. He usually answers within 24 hours and is always quite friendly and helpful. He even offered me a free reship on an order which has taken too long to arrive.

Overall a very good experience – can only recommend.

Not working
  • StraightAsASnake reviewed 2 years ago
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Lsd was very good, took 5 weeks tho. Tried to connect to the .onion yesterday, still isn’t working today. I haven’t had this problem since I started using the site. Hope it hasn’t been busted

NamasteLSD Market Review
  • PsychedelicCashew69 reviewed 2 years ago
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I ordered for the first time from Namaste some LSD and 2CB and thought that it would not come until a couple of days ago when I received it after about 2 months. When I did I was very happy, I tested both substances and they were clean. The 2CB was really fun and the LSD was great for microdosing even though it was 200ug blotters. Overall great market but I wish there was DMT!

I only just ordered, I'll edit when it arrives.

Great customer service and amazing price. I placed an order for 5 free tabs but didn’t notice that I had to have had a previous order to get this deal. I asked him about this and he sent them anyway, great guy. The price is fantastic as well, you can get tabs for as little as 3 aud. In my town they can cost upwards of $50 each lmao. Definitely recommend.

Great Vendor

The LSD from NamasteLSD was the first LSD i tried. The experience itself was great for me, and my more experienced friend who tried it with me said that the product truly is LSD and not some other substance, which could be quite dangerous or unpleasant. The package took expected time to arrive. Overall the vendor is totally recommended

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