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Cartel Marketplace is user-friendly, free to use, and easy to navigate the marketplace. It has been designed to have all of the best features throughout the history of darknet markets, something that is inviting yet extremely powerful to all audiences. Its vendor dashboard and product advertising mechanism are modeled after Amazon’s and Shopify’s eCommerce platforms.  Additionally, Cartel Marketplace supports Bitcoin and Monero cryptocurrencies and Twitter-style status posts for vendors so that you will never miss out on any promotions which your favorite vendors might be offering.

Cartel is very nice market

I am so excited that a market familiar to Traderoute pump up. Its very fast and nice UI.

I notice that you can pay both btc and xmr for a single order and this is very helpful. Example is that an order cost 100 USD and you have 70 USD in bitcoin and 30 USD in Monero, It’s ok… You can place the order paying 70 usd in bitcoin and the rest in monero.



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