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Url: bluemagicjon2l32.onion (Online)
About: Bluemagic is an established, verified & trusted vendor who is active on most markets, Bluemagic vendor store offers a huge range of products like MDMA,LSD,Benzos Blistered Pharma & lot more as well as cutting edge safety and encryption, they ship Worldwide and are a one-stop-shop for whatever you may need .

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Hello I would like to join you

Not reputable,

don’t trust finalize early vendors, this guy straight up robbed me over less than a dollar worth of bitcoin

1000% legit
  • happyjacker reviewed 2 years ago
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To the dude claiming blue robbed you for a buck is ridiculous i spend 1000s with bluemagic

  • The Lord of Autism reviewed 2 years ago
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Wtf, that dude just ordered 1 dollar worth of drugs or whatever, like wtf u expect, I’m not an expert at drug shipping, but I think the risk already far outways your fucking dollar.

No response

Placed an order on Saturday and still haven’t heard back, I don’t think they check their website.

Good website however beware

This is a good REAL website that won’t scam you however when paying for your order you have to make sure that you send the exact amount of BTC or more or else the vendors will not see your order due to it using an automated system for their btc addresses and how they receive money. And if you do make this mistake don’t worry you can hook up your btc address so that they can send your btc back to you.


First order come put second order in not received nothing bin over 2 weeks now no message back from blue or anything about the where about of the order so unsure what to think at the min


Has anybody got any information on Blue lately?

  • KeithRichards reviewed 2 years ago
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Blue Magic is missing in action. He’s “On Vacation” on the Dark Market for 2 weeks and can’t even connect to his store website. These dudes owe me some product. If you find them let us know.

Nicht erreichbar

Leider ist Bluemagic seit einer Woche nicht mehr erreichbar. Diese Leute Schulden mir noch eine Lieferung.

Wenn jemand was aktuelles hört bitte melden.

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