Abysse Market

Url: sbnwvnbnuba5iulq.onion


Market security:
All sensitive information is encrypted (username,passwords,listings,messages,payments…)
Public key cryptography
PGP key encrypting
PGP key 2-fa
Unique Mnemonic for account recovery
Private crypto-node with SSH keys access restricted.

Market configuration:
Market commission on sellers: 5% (no withdraw fees)
Vendor bond price: 100USD (waived for established vendors)
Data purged after 21 DAYS
Autofinalize after 21 DAYS
Each purchase has its own address, after payment received and finalized, this address is purged and deleted.

Market features:
-A full friendly front-end, even the starting noobs will find the path!
-An stimulating home page with, flashy promoted products, top vendors board for all categories.
-12 listings showed randomly on the Home page, cached each 1 minute.
-Seller of the week, a seller with the best sales/feedback/answering time/delivery time ratio, the seller can never be 2 times seller of the week in a period of 2 months!
-Raffle (Coming soon !)
-User guide for noobs users.
-Referral link, more information on the market.
-Possibility to add products to Wishlist, you will receive notifications when price change.
-CART system, means that you can put in your cart many products from different sellers, and the algorithm will automatically dispatch purchases and addresses!