DeepDotWeb Admin Confesses To Have Laundered Whopping $8.4M Worth Bitcoin


DeepDotWeb admin Tal Prihar, who had aided in facilitating hundreds of millions of dollars in the dark web’s illegal sales, has pleaded guilty to his part in a conspiracy. The federal court in Pittsburgh, U.S. Attorney’s Office, has heard his confession.

Tal Prihar, aged 39 years, belonging from Israel and based in Brazil, had confessed to receiving 8,155 Bitcoin (BTC), which is worth $8.4 million at that time. He had admitted to having earned the amount from the dark web vendors. He had linked the illegal products of those vendors in his now-defunct blog. 

Additionally, the DeepDotWeb admin had admitted to moving the acquired cryptocurrencies through a shell company network for conducting money laundering, as DOJ states. The indictment of Tal Prihar had listed out some of the companies that were used in the conspiracy tenure:

  • Imtech
  • M&T Marketing
  • O.T.S.R. Biztech
  • Tal Advanced Tech
  • WwwCom Ltd.
Image: DarknetLive

The prosecutors had described the DeepDotWeb admin as a “broker” for the darknet gun and drug vendors whose illegal merchandise goes far beyond the reach of regular search engines. The dark web and the deep web users usually must acquire knowledge on where to look beforehand surfing the dark websites. But DeepDotWeb had facilitated the users to get a clearer view from its websites from 2013 to 2019 with its readymade guides.


The prosecutors had said that he had acknowledged DeepDotWeb as an entrance to various dark web marketplaces. These dark web websites had rewarded him with the bitcoin kickbacks for each order his website referred.

In 2019, the F.B.I. agents seized the DeepDotWeb domain where the DeepDotWeb admin had been alleged to conduct money laundering. Prihar and his Israeli co-partner Michael Phan had been arrested in May and indicted shortly following the arrest. Michael’s case is ongoing.

With the forfeiture of $8.4 million, Tal Prihar’s sentencing has been scheduled for the 2nd of August, 2021. He could probably face a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars. 

Source: DOJ

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