Deep Web Links 2020

  • gunsfact2f6oz7cw.onion  – Deep Web link Gun Market – Armory (Deep Web link Gun Store)

Armory is the biggest and most well known Deep Web link gun (ammunition) market that enables the users to purchase weapons in replicas such as AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, IED missiles, and much more. The website states that it requires a minimum order of $1050 to process an order and has around 400 items for sale. Deals on the website are nearly anonymous while the transactions are exclusively conducted in Bitcoin. Login and Registration are not mandatory processes to access the website.

  •  vini4koyjgqsxcbp.onion – Deep Web link Carding Marketplace – Bevy

If you are searching for a darknet carding marketplace that isn’t just a carding marketplace, Bevy is where you should go. Apart from being a marketplace offering carded credit cards; it also emphasizes its sale on data dumps, accounts, hostingdomains, exchange services and several other services on the dark web.

  •  ohusanrieoxsxlmh.onion – Debian Bug & Policy Website – Lintian Reports

Lintian Reports is a dark web API that focuses on detecting bugs in the Debian OS and policy violations. It contains automated checks for many aspects of Debian policy as well as some checks for common errors.

  •  foggeddriztrcar2.onion – Bitcoin LaundryMixing Service – Bitcoin Fog

One of the most popular anonymous Bitcoin laundry service hosted in the Tor browser is the Bitcoin Fog. The website does not really let out information regarding how it performs or what are the charges unless one registers online with them. For the registered users, they need to login in order to take further steps.

  •  fzqnrlcvhkgbdwx5.onion – Deep Web link Drug Marketplace – CannabisUK

CannabisUK is Cannabis focused dark web drug market operating on the Tor network. The products offered in this drug market are: clean and organically grown cannabis – Beautiful AAA PK caked in crystal (purple kush) and Afghani.

  •  djypjjvw532evfw3.onion – Dark Web Drug Marketplace (Weed) – Weed & Co

Weed & Co is a popular dark web drug marketplace for purchasing weed – Chronic, Jack Herrer and cigarettes. You can use either of the two types of payment methods viz., Bitcoin or PCS Mastercard top-ups. The members of the website are pretty active and they get back to you within 24 hours for each request. The minimum order amount stipulated in the website is € 20 (+- 2 grams depending on variety) while shipping is invoiced for all orders of less than € 100.

  •  rutor26seakon7v2.onion – Dark Web Forum Marketplace – RuTor

RuTor is a dark web forum marketplace that emphasizes mostly on the Russian spoken individuals and is mainly made for the Russians to be honest. The content and the general concept of the Rutor are quite similar to the Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP) in quite some points.

  •  kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion – Debian Anonymize Distro – Whonix

Whonix (earlier known as TorBox) is a Debian GNULinux–based security-focused Linux distribution (OS) that aims to offer privacy, security and anonymity while on the internet. The website claims to provide you live mode and is based on Kicksecure. All the connections are forced through Tor making it impossible to leak the IP address.

  •  torpress2sarn7xw.onion – Free WordPress Hosting Website on Dark Web – TorPress

TorPress is an absolutely free WordPress hosting service provider that runs on the Tor network. It is a new project by TorVPS aimed to mke the creation of WordPress based websites a lot easier. In order to take advantage of the website, you need to provide your valid email ID and register online. All the other related information is put up on the website itself.

  •  gpostalfauulvzhs.onion – Postal Services on The Tor Network – The Going Postal group

The Going Postal Group is generally a postal service that has their website on the Tor network and is a renowned postal service that delivers all drug orders to the customers. They do allow Escrow facilities for orders below 2000 USD while for orders above that they accept FE. The website ships products worldwide except for Australia.

  •  fncuwbiisyh6ak3i.onionDeep Web link Social Media Chatting App Website – Keybase

Keybase is a Social media chatting website that allows people to carry on secure chat for people of all communities, families, schools and companies. It is absolutely free and comes without ads. It also serves as a big directory of the public folders. They also offer their app for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux. You need to login to access the website.

  •  djn4mhmbbqwjiq2v.onion – Deep Web link Carding Marketplace – Credit Cards

This is another dark web carding marketplace that runs on the Tor network. They offer Euro and USD credit cards with high balances in relatively lower prices. They claim to ship worldwide and provide tracking number to the buyers.

  •  nnmclub5toro7u65.onion – Dark Web Tracker & Forum – NoName Club

NoName Club is a dark web tracker and forum website that comes with the downloadable Platinum icon requiring no registration. They also provide magnet links or magnet-url, completely free distributions. The tracker allows you not only to download movies, music and programs, but also find friends or just chat on topics that you are interested on.

  •  freerj4lgqdjjuk6.onion – Deep Web link Mixed Market – FreeMarket

FreeMarket is a Russian mixed market operated on the Dark Web. The website sells guns and ammunitions, stolen vehicles such as cars and bikes, passportidentity, Bitcoin mining equipments, carded details, jewelries, gadgets and more. It also serves as the money market.

  •  nz544wppkixoqajp.onion – Free Open Source On-The-Fly Encryption – TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is a free open source disk encryption software for various OS – Windows 1087VistaXP, Mac OS X, and Linux. It mainly features creating a virtual encrypted disk within a file and then mounts it as a real disk. Other than this, it encrypts entire partition or storage device such as USB flash drive or hard drive and a partition or drive where Windows is installed (pre-boot authentication). The encryption is automatic, real-time (on-the-fly) and transparent. The website also offers some more of their services which are listed and explained broadly on their website.

  •  jdpskjmgy6kk4urv.onion – Deep Web link Web Spider Database – Dark Web Links & More!

Dark Web Links & More is a dark web database where people can upload links to various content andor websites against a particular sectioncategory such as Wiki, Computers, Education, Entertainment, Government, Personal, Lists, Search, Social, Blog, Multimedia, Tor, BTC, News, Miscellaneous and 18+ (Adult) content. It also serves as a search engine that lets one find out any specific link using keywords.

  •  qkj4drtgvpm7eecl.onion – Dark Web Money Marketplace (Counterfeit Bills) – Counterfeit USD

Counterfeit USD is a dark web based money marketplace that offers counterfeit bills (USD) in the denomination of $50. The website claims that they produce notes based on cotton and all of the notes pass the pen test without any problems. As the notes are incorporated with UV, they pass the UV test as well and possess all the necessary security features that lets you spend the bills at most of the retailers. They also ship their products free in the US.

  •  vfqnd6mieccqyiit.onion – Deep Web link Identity Marketplace (Counterfeit Passports) – UK Passports

UK Passports is a darknet identity marketplace that focuses on the sale of counterfeit UK passports that they claim to be original UK passports with the picture and information of the buyer. After the passports are made, they get entered into the official passport database making it possible for the buyers to travel with the passports. They charge no shipping fee.

  •  tfwdi3izigxllure.onion – Deep Web link Mobile Marketplace – Apples 4 Bitcoin

This dark web website, Apples 4 Bitcoin is a mobile marketplace selling brand new IPhone XS and XR mainly. They mention that all the phones are factory unlocked and work internationally while none of them are reported to be stolen. Apart from this, they also sell Macbook Pro in a limited quantity.

  •  popfilesxuru7lsr.onion – File Hosting Website on Tor Network – PopFiles

PopFiles is a file hosting service that runs on the Tor browser. The website is pretty simple and takes simple steps to get your work done. All you have to do to host your files is choose a username and password, select a file name, browse the file and upload. A whole lot of Do’s and Dont’s are listed on the website for your convenience.

  •  torcvvq44o7ofjuu.onion – New Zealand Based Dark Web Mixed Marketplace – Tor Market

Tor Market is a New Zealand based darknet marketplace having language other than English. It is a simple marketplace created with the focus of making trading less risky than using the very large well known dark web markets.

  •  edfbn5gfuaj2bc2w.onion – Deep Web Encryption Service – Crypter

Crypter is a dark web encryption service with minimalistic approach made for the convenience of the users. The website contains two text fields of which the left one is for the decoded version (decrypted version) while the right one is for the coded version (encrypted version). The website also states that the algorithm used in the script is a unique one.

  •  cardsunwqrzhg5cw.onion – Deep Web Card Marketplace – Home

Home is a darknet carding marketplace that sells carded credit cards and they refer themselves to be the most trusted vendor. They claims that all the cards are skimmed and cloned and the users or the buyers can cash out the cards in anytime. The cards can be used in all the ATMs worldwide. They offer fast shipping. All the payments are accepted in Bitcoins in general except for special payments through PayPal.