The Most Famous Crypto Debit Cards Ruling the Latest CryptoCurrency Market


Cryptocurrencies are digital coins or virtual coins that are used as a medium of exchange using decentralized control. Crypto Debit Cards performs the exact same function but a card form that looks almost like the regular debit cards are used for the exchange. The Crypto Cards are ruling the Cryptocurrency market eliminating the traditional payment system and providing an easy route for the Bitcoin fanatic.

Widely Used US Based Crypto Cards

There are a number of crypto cards available in the Cryptocurrency markets of US. Here are the two major US based debit cards used in these markets:

BitPay, one of the most widely used US based Crypto Debit Cards enables the users to enjoy both the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin cash payment processing through its wallet. 3% conversion fee is charged if used outside US.

Shift, another most commonly used card enables the users to connect with their Coinbase accounts. This particular Visa card supports only BTC and do not charge any conversion fee from Bitcoin core to US Dollars.

Widely Used Europe Based Crypto Cards Known To The Majority Of People

Wirex, is the most preferable Crypto Cards for the majority of the Europeans that is known through the researches. Wirex offers both physical and virual transactions through both physical and virtual debit cards where the physical card comes with chip and pin. Crypto cashback of 0.5% is allowed in this card.

Revolut & CryptoPay are other two most prominent Bitcoin cards widely used in Europe that supports BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP. The crypto market has introduced several other similar debit cards named as Fuzex,, Aximetria. Most of the crypto debit cards have physical existence with either pin or barcode and the last one (Aximetria) can be ordered online through its iOS app. Some crypto debit cards can be linked to wallets.


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