Jim Qian: China Aid US with Substance Rife Prohibiting Fentanyl


Jim Qian, who is the Deputy Consul General from the Consulate General of China in New York, had an interview with New Hampshire Union Leader last Friday on the threats of the deadly drug fentanyl. In the interview, he said, as nations across the world are trying their best to put an end to harmful drugs so as in China major efforts are being made to cease the exportation and distribution of the deadly drug, synthetic fentanyl. This deadly substance, the synthetic fentanyl has caused many deaths and has rendered many mentally retarded as its users mostly take it an overdose.

As a subbed of New York, Qian has come to the realization of how the deadly drug had causes so many serious issues in the US. Therefore, he made contact with Chinese officials from Beijing to discuss this crucial crisis and explicitly calling on the Chinese officials to do something about it.

According to Qian, there is no problem taking the deadly substance in overdose but the real issue is that the China government is spending a lot of money to combat and eradicate it.

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In December last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave his word to the U.S President, Donald Trump, at a summit that he will come out with strategies that can stop synthetic opioids getting in the United States.

China has been on heavily guard on these substances for a while now. In April, China announced the ban of all the types of the deadly drug, fentanyl, aimed to avoid the substance from getting into the United States. This was clearly viewed as being in term with the promise made by the Chinese President to President Donald Trump last year.

Eventually, all the strategies did not seem to go according to plan as the U.S President Donald Trump, indicated in a tweet that President Jinping failed on his promise to find a way to cease the flow of the deadly substances into the United States.

In that same tweet, President Trump gave a strict order to all U.S companies and firms to begin the search for other markets rather than China’s market to do businesses with. He added in the August tweet that, Fed Ex, Amazon, UPS and the Post Office should immediately start refusing all packages of the deadly drug fentanyl from China or any other country.

Furthermore, there was an announcement of sanction last month from the U.S Department on a Chinese pharmaceutical company and about three Chinese deadly drug barons (who in 2017-2018 were said to have been making and distributing fentanyl and other harmful substances in some parts of U.S) for operating international narcotics trafficking.

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An advisory from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network also in last month, cautioned financial institutions of signals the identification of illegal fentanyl trafficking including deals with Dark web marketplaces.

In any case, it was concluded by Qian that, the cooperative efforts between the two countries over the deadly substance shows how the countries can be in tune in solving other big issues confronting them.

Source: South China Morning Post

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