DDoSecrets: Ransomware Victims’ Data Published on The Dark Web


A squad of data activists going by the name Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) has started publishing a humongous amount of corporate data leaked by the ransomware operators on the dark web. 

By far, DDoSecrets has shared 1TB of leaked data containing at least 750,000 emails, documents and photos from five different organizations – the Wired reports state. The data activists are also offering to share an additional hacked data of 1.9TB privately from over twelve other companies with the academics and reporters. The data have been extracted from the industries that include finance, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, real estate, retail as well as software.

All the information directly comes from the ransomware operators. They encrypt the theft data from their victims’ machines and demand ransom. They steal the target’s data and threaten them to publish the details online if the demanded ransom is not paid. Therefore, vast troves of this data get spotted on the dark web and that they are sharing these data among the security researchers and criminals.

The co-founder of DDoSecrets, Emma Best mentions that the data shared online by the ransomware operators mostly contain content guaranteed further scrutiny and public disclosure sometimes. However, they could not specifically note what type of corporate secrets these data dumps hold, and a sheer volume of information is let out. 

Best says “ignoring valuable data that can inform the public about how industries operate isn’t something we can afford to do.”

In the viewpoint of DDoSecrets, the data bears evidence of the corporate wrongdoing or even the intellectual property benefiting the public must be available to the journalists, academics and the researchers, who can learn from it. Security experts such as Allan Liska, Recorded Future analyst and researcher stated that their practice is taking advantage of the companies which have been targeted with a crime.

Source: Dark Reading

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