Data Breach Results in 127 Million Records Sale on Dark Web


It was recently that the news of 620 million data has gone on sale on the dark web. This has been a major data breach that has compromised so many systems and had made the data on sale on the dark web. Following this incident when people have not yet forgotten what is happening and how to deal with it, a new batch of 127 million records got stolen from eight organizations and is now available on the dark web market, especially the Dream market. The data is being sold on the dark web by the same group of people or the “gnosticplayers” who are asking an amount of $14,500 in Bitcoin for the new batch of stolen data. The reason for the lowest price is due to the fact that the trove of data that has been put on sale is a smaller one as compared to the previous data breach. The gnosticplayers have removed all the Bitcoin requirements from the sale in order to avoid a lot of people purchasing the same trove of data.

The Register reports that some of these data breaches seem to be more serious than the previous collection as it contained only the hashed passwords that required cracking down by the buyer before they could be utilized. As the gnosticplayers state and if they are believed, the latest trove consists of only the passwords and the passport numbers.

Here are the alleged contents of the eight collections:

  1.  – 450,000 details including email addresses, passwords, and much more
  2. – approximately 2 million details including name, password hash, facebook ID
  3. – 57 million details including email addresses, passwords, name, and registration date
  4. 18 million details including passwords md5, full name, IP address, username, email addresses, and some passport numbers
  5. – 1.5 million details including email, username, password hash and salt
  6. – 4 million details including names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, and more
  7. – 5 million details including usernames, email addresses, passwords, salts, birthday and more
  8.  – over 40 million details including full names, IP addresses, email addresses, and social profiles

It is quite frequent and easy at the same time to see the troves of data getting released on the dark web and tagged “On Sale” but this does not at all imply that people have nothing to do. The first and foremost thing that people can or should do is to tighten their security of all of their passwords and include a two-factor authentication wherever possible. Also, you need to update or change your passwords quite often to minimize the risk of the data breach. Another most important thing to include is the password manager that does not provide you with the requirement to remember multiple complex passwords.

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