Dash Coin: A Counterpart of Bitcoin


The Dash Coin is a Cryptocurrency that focuses on being adopted worldwide similar to the Bitcoin. But with course of evolution, the Dash Coin has become quite different from the Bitcoin. The Dash Coin has been most distinctive through the faster block rates, master nodes system and larger blocks.

The Dash Coin was originally launched as XCoin in the year 2014 which followed by the rebranding as the DarkCoin soon after. The DarkCoin was released in the darknet markets. Later the Cryptocurrency underwent another rebranding in March 2015 where it received its current name, Dash which is believed to the abbreviation of Digital Cash. The Dash bears specialization in certain areas that can be stated as the privacy, innovation, decentralization and transaction speeds. The master nodes of the Cryptocurrency offer additional functionality and governance where the stakeholders receive a certain percentage of the block rewards.

The fact that many people are not aware of is that the basic core code is based on Bitcoin while gradually; Dash has started adapting and evolving at a faster pace. Some of the features the Dash Coin provides are:

  • Insta-send: The insta-send or the InstantSend feature of the Cryptocurrency permits the instant approval of the transaction through the master node network. This ensures that the user do not have to wait long as to three to six confirmations.
  • PrivateSend: This feature permits the users to preserve their privacy during a transaction made on the Dash Blockchain.
  • Master nodes: The Bitcoin nodes are responsible for storage of all the transaction information resulting in Blockchain ledger. The nodes works to distribute the information to each and every transaction made to all the other nodes and keep all the transactions fixed.

The Dash tokens are trading at around $80 at present which means that to run a Dash master node, one has to stake $80,000.


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