Social Media Scam Reveals Dark Web Scanning To Retrieve SSN

Dangerous Hooded Hacker Breaks into Government Data Servers and Infects Their System with a Virus. His Hideout Place has Dark Atmosphere, Multiple Displays, Cables Everywhere.

Law enforcement agencies and the public have been facing a lot of problems due to the identity thieves thriving on the dark web. One of the softest and the easiest targets are gained through social media. A new and emerging social media scam is to retrieve the SSN of the users through scanning the dark web. This is one of the most unfortunate scams since it includes both dark web and social media.

Social Media has been the growing platforms and there has been several steps taken to make the platforms more user-friendly gaining trust on the interactions the users make on the websites. By the end of 2017, it has been estimated that there were 2.46 billion of social media users. Dark web scammers are highly interested by this number of the users that will serve as their target for the social media scams. This is the basic step for the identity theft scam through the social media.

Back in the year 2012, Candice Ingalls faced a similar scam after her identity was stolen following the similar manner and was charged thousands of dollars to different accounts. Her credit score fell and she had to face hard time trying and getting out of the mess. The cases of the identity fraud have raised a lot more in the recent years through the credit scams and using the dark web. It has been estimated that in the year 2017, over 16 million people all over the world has suffered from identity thefts. The final responsibility of the users now is to be very vigilant while conducting any sort of interaction on the social media platforms. Make sure you are not informed of your account getting compromised by any of the social media platforms. You must be pretty aware of the Facebook ads that are used by the scammers to trap their targets. In other websites as well you must not disclose your identity.



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