Dark Web Paedophiles Serving Multiple Life Sentences Killed In Prison


One of the British dark web paedophiles, who was serving 22 life sentences for his crimes at the Full Sutton prison in Yorkshire, has been killed. Richard Knuckle, the deceased, was convicted back in 2016 for sexually abusing Malaysian children and selling the images and videos of the abuse on the dark web for profits.

Huckle, who worked as a freelance photographer by day, was reportedly stabbed several times with a makeshift knife and left to die in his pool of blood in his top-floor cell at the Category A jail. The dark web paedophiles abused children aged from six months to 12 years whiles pretending to be a devout Christian, an English teacher, and a philanthropist who was there to help several communities. Instead, the 33-year-old paedophiles targeted and abused minors from many care homes and orphanages.

A statement released by the Ministry of Justice stated that Huckle died on October 13. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice also said that an official police investigation had been launched, and therefore, any comment from the ministry would be extremely inappropriate.

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An investigation has been launched following an incident at HMP Full Sutton involving one prisoner, Richard Huckle. We were called shortly after 12.30 pm, reporting that a man had died at the prison – he said. He also added that the Humberside Police were working together with the prion service to conduct this investigation and were treating Huckle’s death as ‘suspicious.’ Further reports suggest that a fellow inmate was being held in solitary confinement as the police look set to launch a murder investigation.

Huckle’s dark web paedophiles sting, came to an end in 2014 after the police caught up to his abuse and vile crimes. He was arrested in 2015 by the National Crime Agency after coming to visit his family on Christmas day. According to police reports, the paedophiles would have gone further with the abuse had he not been arrested, after some of his clients requested he joins a network of pedophiles, which was busted by the Australian police.

The dark web paedophiles also bragged and showed off his collections on a dark web forum and even stated that he awarded himself “PedoPoints” any time he abused a child. Huckle had been a paedophiles since he was 19 and had built a massive collection of over 20,000 images and videos of child abuse, which he sold on various dark web marketplaces. The dark web paedophiles even posted a video of himself abusing a d-month old baby.

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Huckle was convicted of 191 sexual abuse offenses against minors, of which he admitted to 71 of them at the Old Bailey Court in 2016. Huckle was prosecuted over 23 minors he abused. The paedophiles confessed that he had raped, abused, sexually assaulted, and had other sexual activity with minors over a long period.

When questioned by the police, he maintained his innocence and denied any form of abuse to any child. The dark web paedophiles, however, confessed to his parents about his wrongdoings to which his parents alerted the police. Huckle’s victims are still unknown as the pedophile has refused to give out his encrypted passwords to additional hidden files on his personal computer.

Court documents revealed that the paedophiles went to different churches, pretending to be there to worship but was instead scouting for the victims he abused. Huckle also had a 60-page child abuse manual, which he had written detailed instructions on how other paedophiles can target victims, something which was described as ‘pure evil’ by the judge.

During his sentencing, the dark web paedophiles passed a short written note through the glass dock, explain how sorry and disgusted he was at his actions before been taken away. Judge Peter Rook QC, however, wasn’t falling for that act and stated that the pedophile showed no remorse of the public hatred he had gained as a result of his sickening acts.

Judge Rook also added that he felt that there was no genuine feeling of remorse shown by  Huckle even though he may have regretted his actions because it was too late and over for him. Judge Peter Rook again slammed the paedophiles, saying that his perverted beliefs were deep-rooted, so were his self-delusion, which had no bounds, and that was what made him sexually obsessed with minors.

He went further, saying that his actions were cruel as it was carried out in a particularly vulnerable community because of the rate of poverty in that region. He added that you targeted and groomed impoverished children and their families in a poor community, no doubt seeking to impress them with your relative wealth as a Westerner.

Source: Yahoo News UK

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