Dark Web Drug Sellers Survive Police Crackdowns


It has been over six years now that the law enforcement agencies in the US, Europe and several other parts of the world and have been cracking down on the digital marketplaces where the narcotics and the other illicit goods are being traded. Nevertheless, the efforts put in by the law enforcement have proved to be a little beneficial and have come a some distance in preventing the trade of the illegal goods and services on the darkweb.

The fact is that the fight against these darkweb markets selling drugs to shut down seems to be a lot like the physical war on a drug related marketplace. The law enforcement agencies have gotten the trace of the illegal activities and are always after them in order to shut them down. As a result, the law enforcement often conducts raid or a series of raids in the bid to take down the dark web related websites and arrest the accused involved in the underground darkweb marketplaces. The problem with this is that the effects are short-lived as the takedowns of one platform generally lead to the growth of the other similar dark web marketplaces or the establishment of the new dark web markets.

Emily Wilson of Terbium Labs have stated that it is becoming quite difficult for the law enforcement agencies to track down the darkweb markets as the instability has somewhat baked into the darkweb market experience as people does not get quite as scared by the law enforcement or getting caught as they used to do in the initial phase. Now the people have accepted that once a darkweb market has been introduced and it comes in notice of the law enforcement, it will be taken down and that there will be a replacement of the taken down darkweb marketplace.

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