Man Handed Three-Year Prison for The Darknet Drug Ring


Drug Ring Case of The Dark Web: A dark web drug lord has been sentenced to prison on Wednesday, after being convicted of online drug trafficking. Gregory Paul Green, a 64-year-old, was the mastermind behind a large scale Cryptocurrency Drug Ring on the dark web, which used the mail system to deliver their orders. Green was handed a three-year prison sentence, followed with an additional three years of supervised release.

One of Green’s accomplice was his daughter, 29-year-old Brittany Green who also pleaded guilty to the possession of Meth with intent to distribute. The blood duo ran a dark web Drug Ring from their West End home, with the help of the dark web and an online Bitcoin wallet. A raid on their residence revealed that the pair was selling many controlled substances, including Meth, carfentanil, and Xanax. U.S. District Court Judge Susan Watters labeled the variety of drugs as a supermarket of drugs: because of its appealing nature to their buyers. Whenever they had an order, the drugs were shipped through the U.S. mail services, disguising and labeling them as organic fitness vitamins.

According to court documents, Law enforcement zeroed in on Green’s operation in December when a package from Canada, meant for Green was intercepted agents in Port Huron, Michigan. Border Patrol Officers opened the package which was under the label “Organic Fitness Vitamins’. What was inside was very far from any organic fitness vitamin or any vitamin for that matter. The package contained 1,471 Xanax pills. Additional investigation revealed that Green had been the recipient of over 112 packages since December 2017. The packages were alleged to be shipped from Canada, and many other locations in the States.

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A green light was given on January 3 for a search warrant to be executed on Green’s house, after a person at his residence received the intercepted package. The raid resulted in the discovery of Meth, Xanax, and other drug analogs. In an affidavit written by the FBI, agents uncovered many paper works in Green’s home office, which indicated that the Billing native was using Bitcoin as the mode of payment in his dark web drug ring business. A sealed package, containing Meth and two Xanax pills, ready for delivery was also found. Agents again seized great packaging materials, drug manufacturing materials, including hundreds of feet of glass tubing, glass beakers, a 100-pound butane tank and detailed instructions on how to mix and combine drugs. Another package of carfentanil, a powerful opioid over 5,000 times more potent than heroin, was also found.

Additional search by law enforcement, uncovered a computer in Green’s room, displaying his dark web marketplace, and a wide variety of locations across the states of which his packages have been delivered. Agents also uncovered over $10,000 in silver coins, an amount he agreed in court to forfeit, as part of his sentence.

The raid continued to unravel many mysteries, as a “clandestine methamphetamine lab” was discovered in the basement which led to agents calling in the Billings Fire Department’s hazmat team due to fear of getting exposed to any toxic substances. Green’s daughter, later told agents that, she washed the Meth in that lab, a process which was used to cleanse the drug from any pollutants. A few months later in April, Green entered into guilty pleas to all his charges, including possession of Meth with intent to distribute, as well as one count of drug conspiracy. There was no plea deal.

During the court hearing, Green pleaded on behalf of his daughter, stating that he was only trying to protect her from society. He added that his daughter was a drug addict and had been battling addiction for over ten years. He continued to say that, he had always tried to help her and even sent her to a 30-day drug rehabilitation program. “She was near death, and I thought that bringing her in would help her, because she couldn’t survive on the street,” Green stated. According to statements revealed by Green’s attorney and the judge, his daughter Brittany, was homeless sleeping on the streets in Arizona, before moving in with his father. Vann Arvanetes, Green’s attorney, argued in court that, his client’s case wasn’t the usual self-centered drug case.

Instead, his client’s motive of dealing drugs wasn’t to support a personal drug habit. He added that Green got involved in the drug business because of his daughter’s safety. To him, it was better for his daughter to use drugs in his home than on her own.

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