Man Narrowly Escapes Prison after Pleading Guilty to Dark Web Related Child Pornographic Image Charges


Davi Saunder 44, was earlier arrested for uploading child pornographic images on a messaging app and searching the dark web for extremely indecent child pornographic images. In his recent court appearance, Saunder narrowly escaped jail due to his honesty and the zeal to eradicate his unlawful interest in child pornographic images. Instead, Saunder was given a three-year community order.

This comes as a big surprise as authorities have over the years expressed concerns, and agreed to punish offenders and use them as scapegoats following the high rate of uploaded contents of child pornographic images on the dark web and other public forums for various reasons.

According to reports, Saunder uploaded an extremely indecent child pornographic images on the Kik Messenger with the screen name “John Love” in February 2019. Following this, authorities conducted a brief search on his profile and traced his phone number identified on the website to his residence in Blenheim Road, Sculthorpe.

After locating his residence, a search warrant was executed leading to the seizure of Moto Mobile phone, USB sticks and Packard Bell computer tower. This and many other instruments suspected to have been used in his illicit operation of child pornographic images uploads were seized. From the seized instruments, it was discovered that Saunder had been actively doing this since 2013. Authorities found over 500 videos tagged as extreme and date back to 2013. In addition, indecent images of children and extreme pornography were found as well. In his appearance at the Norwich Crown Court, Saunder made no excuse for his behavior and classified it as disgusting.

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At the court, Eleanor Sheerin, prosecuting revealed that the identified child pornographic images on his devices were ranges of ages with some of his victims under the age of five. She further revealed that in one extreme case, there was an image of a three to four months baby boy.

Saunder pleaded guilty to making and possessing indecent child pornographic images. This included extreme prohibited images and extreme pornography. Out of the contents found in his possession, 143 images and 503 videos were found to be in category A.

Prior to his appearance to the court, two separate interviews were conducted, and Sauder expressed how uncomfortable he had been engaging in this act. He revealed that he wanted to throw away the USB sticks but he could not. He said he could have flushed them down the toilet but for a moment, he thought he needed help. Saunder expressed how fortunate he was as authorities banged on his door. Sheerin was very moved by Saunder’s admissions and honesty.

Isobel Ascherson, mitigating for Saunders also made reference to how supportive his Nova Support Group for military veterans and his employer have been since his arrest. Ascherson pointed out the honesty in his interview. Sheerin also stated that there are shreds of evidence that confirms Saunder deliberately searched for images of young children and familiar sexual abuse on the dark web according to reports.

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Judge Andrew Shaw said at the court that the case was troubling as he deliberately searched for such images using the dark web. However, it is refreshing to realize the defendant is prepared, to be honest with issues. The judge expressed how child pornographic images found on the internet affects the world of the victims. He further stated that the only reason why people create these indecent contents is that there is a market for them. He also stated that there would not be any complaint had he sentence him to prison immediately. However, he was persuaded that the better and effective way to ensure his long-term rehabilitation was to subject him to a community order.

Saunder was handed three-years of a community order. He will also attend the Horizon project, which is a sexual harm prevention order. This will operate for five years and rehabilitation of 60 days. The judge said to him after his sentence that he would be sent to prison immediately if he spots him again. He said Saunder would definitely head to prison for years, not for months in the next time they meet. The Judge commended him for admitting he needed help. “I hope you succeed”, he added.

Recently, a man was also sentenced to 70 months in prison for a similar but more extreme case. Child pornographic images have been a headache to authorities over the years as the number of indecent images appearing on the dark web increases year after year. Most people rely on the anonymity of the dark web to access these sensitive contents.

According to a study conducted at the University of Portsmouth in 2014, 80% of traffic on the dark web is directed to child pornographic images websites. Authorities have therefore devised measures to subject perpetrators under the authority of the law if found guilty of such crimes.

Source: Eastern Daily Press

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