Jury Decides On Teenager Who Claimed To Have Ordered Dark Web Gun to Kill Himself


Dark Web Ammunition Case: The Jury has finally settled on the intention of Kyle Davies, 19 for ordering Glock 17 pistol and five rounds of ammunition from a dealer in New Jersey through the dark web. In his earlier statement, Davies stated that he bought the weapons to commit suicide, but not to endanger lives. However, the jury, after listening to the defendant and assessing the available evidence concluded that Davies planned on committing mass killing with the weapons ordered from dark web.

Including some of the evidences used to settle on this decision are disturbing 77 stickmen found in his notebook. Authorities established that the sketched 77 stickmen represented the victims of the Breivik attack in 2011. Davies was found to have made researches on the Breivik mass killing and the Columbine incident which took away many lives. In his previous answer to the reason why he is obsessed with gory incidents, he claimed watching these horrific attacks gives him fair idea on the part of the body to aim at for a quick death.

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The items he attempted to possess and the suicide claim he made were not in agreement. Authorities discovered a gun, explosive, gas mask, trench coat, boots and body armor on his wish list. It was then realized Davies had made enough plan to carry out a massacre.Prosecution barrister Anna Vigars QC questioned the genuine intention of the defendant, pointing out why anyone will buy a body armor just to kill himself.

Writings found in his school workbook suggested he had prepared for the outcome of his action. He had written “Hello Mr. policeman” and other suspicious statements in the book. Davies made several statements to defend his claim that he had no intention to carry out a mass murder. He earlier said, he ordered the AK47 because “if the first round does not kill him, he can continue to fire.”

He even went ahead to say that he finds it embarrassing to know his suicide intention was being interpreted as a decision to endanger lives. He also said his life was miserable, and he realized there was no point in anything. According to his earlier statement, it is wise to commit suicide now, than to live a miserable life for the next fifty years. He said he was diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder and also made a suicide attempt at the age of fifteen.

According to the criminal complaint read at the court, authorities intercepted a package at the Newark airport in New York addressed to Davies residence in UK. It was found the package contained illegal gun, ammunition and bullets. Authorities in UK were alerted. They then made a camouflage package and handed it over to an officer disguised as a deliveryman to make it available to Davies. Davies admitted that he hesitated to open the package as he was a bit skeptical about something that he would use to take his life. It was also reported that Davies found the package smaller than he expected. During his interview session after his arrest, he claimed he bought the Glock 17 handgun because it was cheap.

In his latest appearance at the court, Davies was convicted of attempted to possess firearm with intent to endanger lives. In addition, he was convicted of attempted to possess five rounds of ammunition with intent to endanger lives following two weeks trial as claimed by reports.

The presiding judge, Paul Cook said he will be looking for a significant period of custody to the defendant. He then ordered for a psychiatric and probation report as he scheduled the sentencing to a later date.

Source: The Telegraph

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