World’s Biggest Companies Getting Targeted by The Cybercriminals


Dr. Mike McGuire, who is a senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of Surrey has put forward a new study that is underwritten by Bromium providing details of the first hand intelligence that has been gathered from covert discussions with the darknet vendors along with the analysis by a panel of global industry experts all across the law enforcement and the government. The key findings have included:

  • Four out of every 10 darknet vendors are selling the targeted hacking services that have been aimed at Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 businesses.
  • Since 2016, there has been a 20% hike in the number of the darknet listings having a direct potential to harm the enterprise.
  • The darknet has gradually become the best place for the custom-built, targeted malware with threats that are tailored to the specific industries or the organizations outnumbering the off-the-shelf varieties in the ratio 2:1.
  • All the accesses to the corporate networks is sold as an open source where 60% of the vendors approached by the researchers offered access to over ten business networks each.
  • Invited researchers have been engaged by 70% of the darknet vendors to have a conversation on the encrypting messaging applications such as the Telegram to take the conversations beyond the reach of the law enforcement.

The industries are most frequently targeted by the malware tools that are being traded on the darknet includes, banking (34%), ecommerce (20%), healthcare (15%), and education (12%) aiding in the targeted malware hiking to improve the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Phishing also is a preferred method of infiltrating the corporate networks where the darknet vendors offer kits and tutorials in a bid to create convincing lures for the phishing campaigns using the genuine resembling company invoices and documentation.

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