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Darknet Vendor Held Responsible For Trading Stolen Data from Prime Crypto Exchanges

One of the Darknet site named as Dread has led to information regarding a vendor confirming that the Darknet Vendor is reportedly being selling the user’s Know Your Customer (KYC) data from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges directly on the Darknet. The revelation of the fact was first spotted as an ad in the mid 2018 in July. A hacker by the username ‘ExploitDOT’ himself put up an advertisement on the Dark Web that seemed he is trading confidential reports and documents of the users who are strongly into exchanges of Poloniex, Bittrex and Bitfinex.

As soon as the advertisement was spotted, CCN got in touch with an anonymous cybersecurity expert who was ready to share some insights of this matter to CNN. This yielded a fruitful result. As per information, the advertisement that was published by the Darknet Vendor is still on the Dark Web website and the hacker confesses that he is still involved in the sale of the data.

KYC data serves as the most important source through which a lot of important data can be revealed such as the information regarding the address, photographs and other sensitive data. Collecting the KYC is the basic procedure of the cryptocurrency exchanges of the users as the total verification procedure depends on just the KYC.

The trading generally involves the Darknet Vendor to get paid from the companies getting the data. The hacked data remains on sale for a value of $10 for every 100 reports that accounts to $1 for 1000 documents in an order of even more than 25000 information. To get the proof of the deed, the anonymous cybersecurity personnel bought three samples from the Darknet Vendor which later proved to the CNN about the originality of the ad.

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