Dark Web Users Face Major Inconveniences through Phishing Sites


Phishing Sites: The darknet users are highly within the reach of the online cybercriminals just as there are criminals out in the world looking for financial or personal gain taking advantage of any situation they may find. Phishing links provide the cybercriminals like the hackers with an opportunity to steal the login credentials of the users and access their accounts without letting them know.

The phishing sites work in a pretty easy way unknown to many. The scammers in the darknet markets scenario create websites having similar resemblance to the original marketplace. There remains a minute difference of few characters or even a single character which is pretty tough for the average users to detect at the very first place. The fact is that the links to the marketplaces are a concoction of the alphanumeric characters providing low possibility of a market user to observe and detect each and every number and the alphabets in the URL whether it is correct. Since the attackers of the darknet markets assume that the accounts have funds in the form of Cryptocurrencies, it becomes easier for them to log in to the account and try to withdraw funds from the account holders’.

Both the darknet and Clearnet operates under the same principles as both of them are a part of the web. Thus, it can be said that the tactics used to identify the phishing sites on the Clearnet will be same as in the Tor-based markets. Among all of the tactics used to identify a phishing site is the observation of the URL as it is what used to trick the users making them believe they are on the correct website. The users must store the URL of the legitimate website and check for the URL of the phishing website if they match. Another most important thing about the phishing site on the darknet is the pop ups that redirects the user to the other websites.



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