The Darknet Tire Fraud Scheme: Busted By Oklahoma Police


Two culprits, engaged in a dark web fraud scheme, has been arrested by police in Tulsa Oklahoma. The dark web is known for its variety of illegal activities and one of them making waves each now and then is fraud. With the ever-growing presence of hacked and stolen personal, credit card information, and other data for sale, the number of fraud cases doesn’t look to be declining anytime soon.

Dark web fraudsters are engaged in many illegal activities, ranging from defrauding banks, jacking ATM’s withdrawing funds from victim’s accounts, buying flashy and expensive things, and then reselling them. They do all of these illegal things, with the stolen information they either hacked or bought off a market place on the dark web.

Fraud scheme

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The two criminals, who have been arrested, instead resorted to buying car tires from Tulsa car dealerships, with the stolen credit cards they had obtained from the dark web. Elijah Hawkins and Aston Sanson, the perpetrators of this dark web fraud scheme, had previously carried out their fraudulent activities in other cities, including Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky, before making Oklahoma their next destination. 

According to reports, the two dark web fraudsters rent multiple trucks from other car rental companies for weeks, drive to their destination, carry out their fraudulent activities, and then drive back to Chicago.

The dark web fraud scheme has seen the Chicago natives make over thousands of dollars online, after selling the tires they bought with stolen cards from the dark web. The police, however, caught onto their fraud scheme after an employee at a Tulsa car dealership, suspected the pair of fraud.

According to Tulsa Police Financial Crimes detective, Kayla Wiggs, the pair placed an order worth $2,200 of tires from Lexus of Tulsa. The employee who took the order suspected some suspicious activities, and after checking out the credit card, he discovered that it was stolen. 

He, however, played along until the fraudsters arrived to pick up the tires they ordered, and that’s when he called the police. After the two fraudsters were arrested, the police uncovered a second truck that had over $1,300 worth of tires in it. When questioned about it, the duo stated that they had picked it up at another Tulsa car dealership.

Fraud scheme

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The police, however, returned the tires to the car dealership before taking the two criminals into custody. Detective Wiggs stated after the arrest that the two fraudsters were stunned during their apprehension as they thought their fraud scheme was not raising flags like those who rather defraud banks and other financial institutions.

“They were kind of surprised at our laws because they thought they could bond right out and not come up with much money. They were shocked we require 10 percent to get out, and they don’t get that money back,” Detective Wiggs, stated.

Additional investigation into the dark web fraud scheme revealed that the victim whose credit card was stolen and used to pay for the tires lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and was entirely in the dark about what his credit card was being used for. The police also stated that the two fraudsters were ex-convicts after they served time in Illinois. 

Further reports also indicate that there is a third suspect involved in this dark web fraud scheme who is in the wind. Hawkins and Sanson are now facing multiple felony charges in Oklahoma. Detective Wiggs again stated after the arrest that, this is a crime that can happen to anybody, regardless of which part of the United States you live. The dark web is full of stolen information, and anyone could get unlucky.

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