Dark Web Received Stolen Credit Card Data from City Parking Systems


It has been found out that the hackers of the City Parking Fine Systems in Saint John, Canada is very much involved in the selling of sensitive data on the dark web for over a year. The security breach of the data did not come under the notice for 15 months after the initial attack which ultimately has permitted the hackers to get their hands on the personal information and credit card numbers of 6000 Canadian residents. This illegal trade of the delicate information took place on the darknet markets. The data breach led to the selling of the stolen data to the strangers.

The data breach came under the notice as soon as the Online News outlet IT World reported the hack of the software click2gov on 19th December in the year 2018. Along with the City Parking Systems in Saint John, 46 other North American municipalities were equally affected. The security personnel of the city did not have the slightest of the idea of the data breach until December 21st in the same year, 2018. At the time of the attack, the staffs of the City Parking were not informed by the CentralSquare Technologies who is the manufacturer of the click2gov bill pay management system about the hack. The Mayor of Saint John, Don Darling, also had to face the curious residents of the city and he did have some unanswered questions.

It is very difficult to state the actual amount of the data breach. Thus, the citizens of the place feared the number of the data breach and assumed that the actual amount is far more than the said one. The threat assessment on the IT systems of the city is decided to be performed as the security measures.


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