Dark Web Welcomes a New Darknet Search Engine Named Ichidan


The dark web consists of a large amount of the information and that most of the internet users do not access the dark web on a daily basis. In maximum cases finding out the right content on the darknet is very challenging. Lately, a new darknet search engine known as Ichidan has been launched that help the browsers easily find out the things that they are looking for. With the help of this new search engine, it has become easier to access the key information on the dark web. Though Ichidan is a popular search engine available on the darknet, yet it has not yet been the Google of the dark web. But still it is one of the most helpful search engines for all of those who browse the darknet.

The Ichidan darknet search engine lets the users to search and access the Tor-powered .onion websites. The user interface of Ichidan bears quite some resemblance to the most widely used search engines, Bing and Google. But the purpose of Ichidan is different from the Google and Bing. Ichidan aims to provide selfless services to the users who access the Dark web and are in search for some particular TOR site to grab necessary information. The simplicity provided by the Ichidan search engine has made it an incredible tool for the users of the darknet while the security research professionals are pretty satisfied with the services offered by this new darknet search engine.

One of the most important feature or benefit of using the Ichidan search engine is that one can easily identify and locate the security glitches of the various other darknet websites in a couple of minutes with this platform. With the help of this search engine, security researchers have already traced down the sites that come with a lot of open ports used for external connections.


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