Dark Web Murder-for-hire Culprit Ready for a Plea Deal


Murder for Hire: One of the most disturbing dark web news to hit the internet has seen a major development. Reports from the office of prosecutors, suggests that Tina Jones, a 32-year-old, accused of hiring a murder for hire hitman to kill her lover’s wife is reportedly considering a plea deal. The Des Plaines resident faces Class X felony charges, including attempted first-degree murder, four counts of solicitation of murder for hire and two counts of solicitation of murder. A lengthy prison sentence of up to 40 years without the possibility of parole, awaits her if convicted. Jones is currently living in Georgia with her family, on a $250,000 bail.

Tina Jones’s allegedly despicable act, came to the notice of law enforcement, after a television program, investigating another story, chanced upon the contract between her and the website. According to court testimonies, Jones reportedly, left specific instructions on what she thought was a dark web marketplace, seeking the services of a murder for hire hitman. She also gave specific details on how the murder should look like an accident. She also demanded that the killing should look like the wife of her ex-lover was having an affair. It was later revealed that Jones, paid an amount of $11,000 in Bitcoin to Cosa Nostra International, the dark web marketplace she visited, but the site turned out to be a scam.

Image Source: Daily Herald

DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin, speaking to reporters on the case stated that ‘She left detailed instructions on the website as to when the woman’s husband would be at work, so they would know when the intended victim would be alone. “The instructions also stated not to hurt the husband and also to make it look like it was an accident,” he added.

Jones was seen confessing to her plans and asked if she needed a lawyer, in a taped interview which was shared during her hearing. Her lawyer, Stephen Hall, however, argued that the statements made by his client couldn’t be used in her trial since she invoked her right to counsel while she was being interviewed at the Woodridge police station.

He also pointed out that the Woodridge police violated Jones’s rights against self-incriminations since she was deprived of the aid of legal counsel. DuPage prosecutors, however, shot back, saying that, Jones’s request for a lawyer was uncertain.

According to reports, Jones and her romantic rival had never met. The intended victim was, however, married to Jones’s ex-lover, of whom they worked together at the Loyola University Medical center. The co-workers were in a romantic relationship until they called it quit in 2017. Jones didn’t seem to have taken the break-up lightly and resorted to using the dark web to hire a murder for hire hitman to kill her ex-lover’s wife.

As part of Jones’s bail conditions, she was required to wear a GPS monitoring device. In a hearing in December, her lawyer argued that the situation had drained his client financially, because of the $10 per day fee associated with it. Jones’s lawyer proposed to have that particular condition revoked with all the other terms remaining in effect. This request was, however, denied by the judge.

Source: Daily Herald

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