The All New ID Agent-Autotask Integration Makes Darknet Monitoring Easier


The dark web is a digital hub that surpasses the social and the technical circles. While the entire social and the technical circles are believed to be indulging in the licit activities while the half of the dark web conducts the trade of the criminal activities like the trading of the digital credentials. Considering the business platform, there are various ways to monitor the dark web for the stolen digital credentials. Lately, one of the darknet monitoring providers known as the ID Agent has expanded its reach of the services through a new integration with the Autotask PSA of Datto to provide an efficient monitoring mechanism for the dark web.

Earlier during the month of March, the ID Agent first announced its integration with the Autotask PSA. The news has marked an important milestone towards the controlling of the negative element of the dark web supremacy. Ideally, the ID Agent is a monitoring service of the dark web that offers solutions to the corporate community within the sphere of the identity theft. The Autotask PSA users will now be able to set their dark web ID exposure alerts to provide them with the notifications in the form of the tickets within their PSA panels. This is believed to aid in the shortening of the time taken for the end users to receive the alerts, finally slashing the email traffic of the administrators. In addition to this, the users will be able to combat the credential-base cyber attacks because of the well equipped nature of the integration. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the dark web criminals trade illegal items and services to earn profit while the cyber security is constantly selling products to the law enforcement agencies and individuals (Darknet monitoring). The monitoring was the need of the hour because the platform has become the hub of all criminal activities.


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