Darknet Market’s Investigation Meets Analyst (USPIS)


The US Postal inspection service (USPIS) has a striking hold over cybercrime war on darknet markets. It has not been unknown of how much the darknet market is depended on the US Postal service for shipping goods across the country.

The USPIS has been noticed to strengthen their capabilities by bringing a new operative to join with them. The sought after analyst had been brought to the US Postal inspection service cybercrime program. It has the ability in reviewing data from multiple sources like forensic images, Tor network, conducting investigations on darknet markets, technologies, researching tools.

The core interest of the USPIS analyst is to gather extensive knowledge provided by the various darknet markets for the customers. The investigation by the USPIS is only concerned about the marketplaces. The job description of an analyst is pretty clear for their duties surround on the Federal Agency’s investigative duties for their priority remains to analyze the cyber criminals and darknet markets.  The goal of US Postal inspection service and FBI remains the same. The both look forward for high value drug trade criminals in between the illicit markets.

There is a growing intervention seen by the USPIS in various darknet markets and that is not surprising at all for the increase amount of usage of US Postal Service. The USPIS has record of many closed cases like “Operation Hyperion” from November 2016 and AlphaBay Vendor was sentenced for selling stolen information.

The USPIS has been marked as offensive ever since the tragic data breach happened in 2012 where over 800,000 personal information of USPS employees were leaked. It has been decided that the investigative service will be over the ones who tends to distribute illicit goods with the help of US Postal Service since there is very little to say for the trade itself. Paul J. Krenn, USPIS PIO has commented that utilizing the available information resources marks to be the best move for USPIS.


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