Things You Cannot Buy & Sell On The Darknet Marketplaces

Things You Cannot Buy & Sell On The Darknet Marketplaces

The darknet marketplaces are the most famous landmarks on the dark network as they immensely provide anonymity to all of its users. But this does not indicate that they lack the codes of conduct. Unlike any other clear web e-commerce website, the dark web markets also have some set of do’s and don’ts that the users (both the buyers and the vendors/sellers) have to abide by in order to run a successful trade. Although most of these dark markets allow the vendors to vend items such as drugs, softwares and fraud-based services, yet there are certain products or listings that they are strictly prohibited from buying and selling. Here we have carefully listed out some of the familiar dark web marketplaces and the list of items that they do not let the users trade on their platform.

Most Popular Darknet Marketplaces & Items They Prohibit Trading

White House Market


The website of the White House market clearly mentions that they do not accept the buying and selling of the following listings:

  • Child Pornography (CP)
  • Animal Pornography
  • Murder For Hire or Hitman For Hire
  • Animal or Human Abuse/Exploitation
  • Terrorism or related products, services and propaganda
  • Lethal Weapons, explosives or poisons
  • Guides or Tutorials mentioning “get rich quick” or related stuff. They do not have a tutorials category as such, but if you want to share something helpful, then that goes into consideration.
  • Fentanyl or related substances
  • Misleading products like “miracle coronavirus cures”. Discounts related to Covid-19 is fair enough.
  • Anything that is considered unacceptable by the administrators
White House Market Mirror Links:

Monopoly Market


Monopoly Market does not explicitly have a list of banned items on its website that you cannot purchase from it or trade on the website. Nevertheless, the only things that are traded on the darkweb drug market are drugs of all kinds such as dissociatives, benzos, cannabis, opioids, ecstasy, psychedelics, steroids and stimulants. Therefore, it is absolutely safe to assume that except drugs, all the other types of items like digital goods, fraud, weapons etc. are not permitted for trade as of now.

Additionally, all the listings that the vendors list out first go for moderation to the Monopoly Market admins, which prevents the vendors list out any products that are not accepted by the darknet market.



The rules section of the Darkmarket mentions the following items to be banned from their website:

  • Harmful or violent products and services, including contract killing.
  • Synthetic structural analogue equivalent to Fentanyl and Carfentanil. Guns, weapons and ammunition that discharge high-velocity rounds.
  • Explosives, precursors and/or any chemical that has been utilised to produce explosives or devices along with child pornography/animal pornography or violent pornography.
  • Date Rape Drugs or Royhipnal or GHB, Animal or human organs and/or their body parts
  • Any animal deceased or alive/ livestock

The dark web market has also listed out some actionable offences such as:

  • FUD
  • Doxxing
  • Actual violence and/or threats
  • Hate speech and/or discrimination
  • Making irrelevant and/or false accusations
DarkMarket Mirror Links:

Versus Market


Versus Market has set up pretty simple rules for its vendors and lists out products and services that are not eligible to be traded on the platform:

  • Pornography or pornographic media involving paedophilia, torture and/or zoophilia.
  • Lethal weapons, paraphernalia or items that include semi-automatic weapons, knives, poisons, explosives, diseases, acids, biological weapons or nuclear weapons, harmful or lethal gases or related toxins or any other weapons meant for mass destructions.

Exceptions include pepper spray/mace, tasers, decorative or deactivated weapons meant for aesthetic purpose, non-lethal weapons, fakes and antiques for collective purposes.

  • Doxxing (in both full or part), doxxing threats, extortion, blackmail. The vendors cannot also store any shipping or personal information of any customer beyond a point that is not necessary for the trade on the platform.
  • Advertisement of services that is related to either physical or mental harm, murder, assassination, arson, threatening, harassment or surveillance of any person or a group of persons, hacking services, red room services, phishing, or DDoS of any website and/or any business.
  • Sale of Fentanyl or fentanyl containing products.
  • Sale, guides or discussion involving garlic bread. They strictly mention that the sale of the products required to manufacture garlic bread is allowed, however not in bulk.
Versus Market Mirror Links:

Hyper Market



Hyper Market does not strictly allow the sale or deal of the following substances and services and marks them under prohibited:

  • Weapons, Ammunition, Poisons, Bombs
  • Child & Animal Porn, Sexual-Abuse, Rape
  • Fake Vaccines, Fake Drugs (unless listed as such)
  • Any sort of Terrorist and or Terrorism including propaganda
  • Human trafficking, murder for hire, any kind of organs
  • Reselling any listing that is exclusively available from another on HYPER market.
Hyper Market Mirror Links:

DeepSea Market


The DeepSea Market has listed out the following products as banned under their FAQ, which means that you cannot purchase or trade these items on the dark web link:

  • Child abuse materials or child pornography
  • Bitcoin (BTC) money making guides and tutorials
  • Any porn accounts
  • Hitman for Hire services and/or weapons and discussions
  • Fentanyl or related products
DeepSea Market Mirror Links:

Cannazon Market


Cannazon Market solely sells all the products that are related to cannabis and paraphernalia. Thus, other drugs, such as stimulants and psychedelics, are completely banned. The listed prohibited items on the deep web marketplace are:

  • Weapons
  • Toxins or poisons
  • Terrorism related products
  • Snuff films
  • Murder for hire
  • Living animals
  • Human trafficking
  • Human organs
  • Explosives
  • Digital goods
  • Child pornography
  • Bombs
  • Anything in correlation with social or “teen leaks”
  • Animal pornography
  • Ammunition
Cannazon Market Mirror Links:

Vice City


One of the well-known darknet marketplaces has prohibited the trade of the following listings:

  • Weapons or explosives
  • Murder for Hire or Hitmen services
  • Fentanyl or its analogue
  • Stolen data bearing information of underaged (user below 21 years)
  • Doxxing or its related services
  • Pornography of any and all types including porn accounts

ToRReZ Market


The black market ToRReZ has included the following items in its “banned products list”:

  • Child Porn or any resources related to it or lead to the establishment of child pornography
  • Products that are connected to human trafficking or trafficking of any body parts
  • Selling of guns, ammunition, explosives or items leading to terroristic actions
  • Fentanyl and related poisons
  • All sort of transfers between the money based accounts such as Western Union, PayPal and more
  • All types of prepaid credit cards and related cards that need topup
ToRReZ Market Mirror Links:



CannaHome straightforward mentions that they only permit listings of cannabis and related products along with shrooms. Thus, anything other than this is strictly prohibited.

CannaHome Mirror Links:

Cypher Market


The Cypher Market deep web market has nominated the following items to be banned from their listings:

  • Other ways of communication apart from the marketplace
  • Selling of weapons, guns, explosives, CP, fentanyl, Carfentanil or anything proving harmful to human beings
  • Doxxing, threatening or blackmail
  • Scamming in any forms including feedback padding
  • Asking for Finalize Early (FE) without permission
Cypher Market Mirror Links:

Dark0de Reborn


Dark0de Reborn has listed out some products that they ban from posting on their website. They have also stated about the penalties that the listers will go through if they post these banned substances in their website:

  • Sale of child pornography
  • Fentanyl and related products
  • Terrorism related products
Dark0de Reborn Mirror Links:

Hydra Market


The Russian darknet market Hydra Market has the out of the box complex set of rules for the banned substances. This is probably due to the legal repercussions. Here are the rules for the vendors on prohibited listings:

  • Any products or services that fall under the tag “life-threatening” like weapons, poison (cyanide) contract killings or related services to harm the mental and physical health, carding, explosives, classified state information, viruses, pornographic materials and other tools required for the commission of the criminal activities via the cyber attacks
  • Sell Addresses or make treasures
  • Sell surfactants like the psychoactive substances under fake names and brand names without having specified the real or well-known name of the substance
  • Sell a substance under the disguise of another that referred to as the substitution of goods.

Tor Market


The rules section of the Tor Market has included the following prohibited items:

  • Fentanyl and/or its analogs
  • Counterfeit/fake drugs or inaccurate descriptions
Tor Market Mirror Links:

Canadian Headquarters


The vendors of the Canadian Headquarters are not allowed to trade the following:

  • Fentanyl and its analogues
  • Poisons
  • Hitman for hire services
  • Firearms
  • Underage videos
  • Explosives
  • False advertisement of products
Canadian Headquarters Mirror Links:

Thus, we can conclude from the above discussions that most of the deep web markets have disallowed weapons, explosives, pornographic materials, ammunition, lethal substances, fentanyl and guides. There is room for more changes in the future and hence it is recommended that you keep coming back for more updated information from time to time. If you are willing to become a vendor in any of these darknet marketplaces, then make a note on the banned products as you might get thrown out on an attempt to sell the banned products. Make sure that your vendorship is not hampered and which is why we have curated such a list for your benefit.

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