Dark Web Mail Bomb Case: Two South Carolina Residents Imprisoned


Darknet Mail Bomb: South Carolina’s two male residents are currently serving sentences in the federal prison after they were found guilty by the court of a conspiracy to murder the ex-wife of one of the defendants with a mail bomb taking assistance from the darknet. The two culprits are Michael Young Jr. of 32 years age and the other is Tyrell Fears who is a 23 year old nephew of Michael Young. They are now in the custody of the Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia.

It has been found out that Michael has already served sentences in prison owing to the murder attempt of his ex-wife named Shauna Clark and committing murder of Clark’s father, Robert Bell. In the year 2007, Michael murdered Clark and his father who dies attempting to save her from the murder. The event took place in a public place, in a parking lot of a shopping mall, named Columbiana Centre. Four years later, the culprit was sentenced to 50 years of imprisonment. The defense attorney of the darknet mail bombing culprit at that time, John Delgado confessed that Young repented his deeds and has taken the responsibility for his actions.

The attorney’s office in the South Carolina district claimed the fact that Michael Young illegally possessed a cellphone in the custody while he was serving the sentence. He used the phone to conduct the illicit sale of marijuana that he used to acquire from the darknet suppliers and also from California. After that Michael used to deliver the drugs to his partner, Vance Volious who used to collect the drugs and distribute them. It was then when the two partners carried on the drug selling operation that they planned to murder the ex-wife. They purchased explosives from the darknet markets which were used to commit the crime.


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