Dark Web Hire-A-Hitman Service: Convict Attempts Sexually-Abused Child Murder


A man from Camden County has coaxed several explicit videos and images from a child online and has allegedly paid $20,000 (about 40 Bitcoins) to a hitman on the dark web. He has ordered the hitman to kill the child, as revealed by the authorities. The accused has been identified to be John Michael Musbach aged 31 years and a resident of Haddonfield. He has been arrested the last day. U.S. Attorney named Craig Carpenito has alleged in a statement that the accused has been charged with murder-for-hire via hire-a-hitman service.

The statement said that the accused Musbach, who has pleaded guilty for endangering the welfare of a 14-year-old child by sexual contact back in 2017, has allegedly paid $20,000 in Bitcoin in the bid to get rid of the victim via hire-a-hitman service. The defendant has been scheduled to appear in the federal court through the teleconference last day in the afternoon.

The special agents belonging from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have got hold of the accused Musbach by scraping out the conversation that the accused had allegedly had with a dark web website’s administrator, where according to the criminal complaint, he started to question on how one can murder a 14-year-old child. The messages allegedly revealed that Musbach had utilized the pseudonym “agentisai” with which he negotiated a hit order on the victim. He was not sure whether the target was too young to get killed, the complaint has said.

The undisclosed website stated on their homepage –

“If you want to kill someone, or to beat the s–t out of him, we are the right guys,” the site’s homepage read, according to a criminal complaint. “We have professional hitmen available throughout the entire USA, Canada and Europe and you can hire a contract killer easily. Most of our gang members are drug dealers but they do contract killing when they are short on cash. No undercover cops here. No risks of getting caught, because we are professional killers: We don’t ask you for your name, we don’t want to know who you are or where you live… “

Image: Philadelphia Inquirer

Musbach has negotiated and placed the order-

“Alternatively to a gun order, I could place a hit order,” Musbach allegedly wrote to the site administrator. “However, the target would be 14. Is that an acceptable age or too young? I can budget up to $20k for the order.”

The administrator wrote back: “Yes, 14 years old is acceptable. We have gang members to do the hit; however, the price is about 18500.”

A call to the attorney of Musbach, who is a federal public defender was not returned immediately. In the previous year, an informant who was working with the DHS in Minnesota has handed over the chat logs between a dark web website and Musbach that allegedly revealed that Musbach was trying to opt for hire-a-hitman service from the darknet website in the bid to kill his victim back in May 2016. The hit order that has been in the alleged list came over a year ago before he would ultimately receive the guilty plea.

The dark web website that the accused had allegedly communicated with for hiring the hitman was offering hit orders along with several other violent crimes against specific cryptocurrencies, the complaint has disclosed. The darknet is wholly encrypted with the online content of all kinds, and simultaneously it is often used to host the illicit marketplaces.

The chat logs that the feds have been studying show that Musbach had been allegedly pushing the threat actor to kill the child where he had negotiated a hit price of $20,000 of Bitcoin. As soon as the administrator of the darknet website has ceased responding, the accused had allegedly followed up a couple of times before letting him know that the initial hitman got arrested for possessing cocaine and the hit would cost him another $5,000, the complaint revealed. As the site’s administrator has altered the terms of the service, Musbach has attempted to cancel the order and get a refund of his money. Then the administrator of the website has threatened to send Musbach’s IP address along with the identity to law enforcement, asking for another $10,000 in Bitcoin as blackmail money to avoid sending it to the cops. Furthermore, the administrator of the website has revealed that the hire-a-hitman service platform was a “scam” and that he would pass on the information of Musbach placing a hit order to the law enforcement, the complaint bore.

Image: Insider

“Unfortunately, our site is a scam, and we pass customer and target information to law enforcement,” the administrator allegedly wrote to Musbach.

The website administrator has also informed –

“No, this is not a joke. The [website name redacted] has been hacked. We the hackers have full control over it, we infected it with malware and Javascript and extracted everything from your computer. We have proofs that you ordered the murder, who you are, who the target is, and proof that you paid for it, you will be arrested unless you send us 22 bitcoin…”

The investigators had received an informant’s tip. They were able to tie the accused to the alleged hit order by linking him to the screen name “agentisai” and also by tracing the money that has been utilized to purchase the Bitcoin to his bank account, as the statement goes. The alleged hit order has been rooted from the conviction of Musbach on account of child pornography, especially for the exchange of sexually explicit photos and videos with the victim back in the year 2015, who then was only 13 years old. In the 2015 summer, Musbach started talking to the victim over an Internet Relay Chat website where he asked for and received sexually explicit photos and videos of the child. The accused would send sexually explicit media to the child as well. This situation continued for a couple of months, and after that, the victim’s parents found out about the situation via the messages and reported in New York, where the child stayed. The officers had begun their investigation in no time and asked the accused to stay away from the victim. The child pornography case was then passed on to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office after the officers have learnt that Musbach then stayed in Galloway.

During late March of 2016, the officers from the Prosecutors’ office had arrested the accused and carried out a search in his apartment. In the search, the officers seized his cellphone along with a laptop that has been given to him by his current employer. The investigators had also traced bank records and transactions with “Coinbase”, which is a website that exchanges cryptocurrency. Finally, Musbach has admitted that he has exchanged sexually explicit media with the underaged.

In 2017 October, the accused has pleaded guilty to cause danger to the welfare of a child via sexual contact and was also handed a two-year suspended sentence with parole supervision for life. In case the accused has been convicted, for conducting murder-for-hire, then he will be facing up to ten years in the prison.

Source: NJ

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