Political Scandals: Reasons Causing Hindrance to Dark Web


It is no longer unknown that the dark web hindrance has played an active role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. One might argue that it may have been the election in history that was mostly affected by the internet. This although does not seem to be a hyperbole when one considers there is still some information coming out years later that supplies information on how the Trump campaigns’ hire of Cambridge Analytica, has helped to influence the election through one of the most renowned social media platforms, Facebook that boasts a massive reach of 2.2 billion of monthly active users. So taking the role the dark web or the deep web plays in the wider sense of the term and helping people make up their minds should be considered a variable in the long run that can influence a lot of outcomes.  

This was the very first time in the history of the political zone that a presidential candidate was directly seeking a foreign government to influence an election. There are certain explanations that many would not even consider conspiratorial in nature. It could be that the politicians are not at all aware of the dark web hindrance and thus they do not really feel the urge to refer to the dark web or feel threatened by it. On the other way it can be said that the U.S. government might not be up to date with the fast emerging technologies. The average age of a representative is 57 while the average age of a senator is 61 years. Therefore if one considers that the Cryptocurrency has been around for almost a decade, and the lawmakers are at this moment urging for guidance and a clear regulatory framework regarding the sector which obviously makes a lot of sense. While there have been scandals involving the politicians, it does not look as though the dark web has played any sort of meaningful role in it.


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