Darknet Fraud Operation Led Wisconsin Woman Face Multiple Charges


A woman belonging from Mauston, Wisconsin and aged 27 years has been charged for identity theft. The accused is named Annie Ella Rozinski who used a credit card causing a  darknet fraud operation and also used a fake driver’s license in order to cash a cheque that she managed to steal from someone’s mailbox. The law enforcement in the Sauk County of Wisconsin alleged that the accused have used the information she has gathered from the darknet that taught her how to steal identities so that she can be profited from them.

The fraud came into limelight through interviews and store surveillance. Along with Annie, two more men were a part of the darknet fraud operation that was given shape taking assistance from the information gathered from the darknet who are facing other charges for their individual role. All of it started when an insurance company named Baraboo reported that a cheque worth $1,586 has been sent but the recipient never received it. But it was found out that the cheque was cashed at a Dells Mexican store. Later on it came to notice via an interview with Gary L. Jordan, a resident of Wisconsin Dells that Annie had cashed the cheque and he claimed that Annie has made some fake documents for him as well.

Annie is charged with three counts of felony forgery, same numbered identity thefts and two counts of credit card fraud. She is at Juneau County jail and will appear against the Sauk County Circuit Court on 20th March 2019. Of the other two partners, Maun was charged with receiving the stolen property, misdemeanour obstruction of an officer and two counts for the felony bail jumping. Jordan was accused of misdemeanour obstruction of an officer and felony forgery. The video footage of the store though shows Jordan cashing the cheque.


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