Darknet Financial Fraud Scheme £1 Million: Manchester Trio Prisoned


The cops have arrested three men aged 25,35 and 36 years in the Manchester borough of Rochdale after an early morning raid. The three convict were the alleged cyber fraudsters ( Darknet Financial Fraud Scheme) whom the authorities have suspected of defrauding over £1 million and illegally obtaining the data of the victims. All of these crimes took place between the years 2014 and 2018. The authorities have acquired four warrants that they carried out at the same time. They have raided the addresses on Baron Street, Clifford Street, Kensington Street and Lloyd Street.

As per Phil Larratt of the National Crime Agency, this investigation began post a data breach came to the attention of the South East ROCU. He also uncovered that the criminals have bought the stolen data from the payment cards that they used to purchase goods that exceeded £1 million. A specialist cybercrime unit has reported that the criminal group had made over 300 fraudulent online purchases from the darknet markets.  As soon as the suspects acquired the goods, they would transfer them to the drop-off locations in Rochdale or even move them into another van. The goods included paint, copper pipes, ride on industrial lawn mowers and car tires. All of these crimes have left businesses of varied sizes in Rochdale in worst financial conditions. These were the businesses that were the prime targets of these alleged cybercriminals. As per Manchester Police Inspector Darren Callaghan, criminals considered the fraud against the companies to be victimless.

The authorities were able to catch and cease the organized crime group (Darknet Financial Fraud Scheme). The fraudster trio are currently facing charges of committing fraud by false representation which is an offense according to the Proceeds of the Crime Act of 2002. He stated that the success of the operation was due to the collaboration they had with the other partners and agencies.


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