Darknet Explosives Trial: Man Disagrees Attempt To Purchase Grenades


A court has heard that a man had attempted to purchase Semtex explosives and grenades from an undercover FBI agent on the darknet. The accused has been identified to be Mohammed Humza, aged 29 years and a resident of Watford. Humza had been accused of contacting the agent who had been disguising as a seller of the AlphaBay dark web market.

A Tor browser that was designed to hide the user’s location had been found on the laptop of the accused. The accused had also denied the charge put on him and said that he was not in control of the username or pseudonym “mh.nn243”, allegedly linked to the purchase of Semtex and grenades.

The prosecutors have revealed that a part of the defendant’s email address was very similar to the dark web username, and included the initials “mh” and “nn”. They have claimed that these initials had been taken from the accused’s and his wife’s name.

The court heard that AlphaBay was a renowned darknet marketplace and permitted trading of illegal items such as explosives, weapons and drugs. The court has further read the transcripts of messages that were exchanged between the agent and the username “mh.nn243” in July 2016.

One said: “What’s the best price you can do for 2 grenades with postage to the UK?”

The user had then offered to pay an amount of $115 (£89) per piece for four grenades. They had further discussed the payment methods, the court said.

While the duo had been discussing the price and delivery of the parcel, they had mentioned “Watford” and “Hertfordshire”. The prosecutors said that the accused went quiet while the deal remained incompleted.

Image: NH News

During the initial of August, the accused had got in touch with the agent again, and the duo had agreed to discuss a deal for just two grenades this time. On the 6th of August, the id mm.nn243 had transferred some cryptocurrency funds into the escrow that has to be paid after the deal was completed.

Prosecutor Benjamin Holt said: “This is not just idle chat – mh.nn243 has actually made payment for the two grenades.”

The court has heard that the accused Humza had arranged for the goods directed to be sent to his address in the Fuller Road of Watford but under the name of his neighbour.

Later on, after the agent told the accused that he had ran out of stock for the grenades and explosives, and his cryptocurrency had been refunded, the user had tried to place an order for Semtex and a fuse detonator.

The accused was not present at the trial had previously disagreed the accusations on him to attempt possessing explosives for the unlawful intentions between July and September 2016. The trial is still in progress.

Source: BBC

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