British Teenage Dark Web Ecstasy Dealer Handed Three-Years Jail Sentence


A 20-year-old dark web ecstasy dealer, who ran his commercial drug supply from his home has been sentenced to three years in jail. Reece Proctor, the culprit, caught in the act, selling Class A drugs in a night club in Hull in December last year.

The ecstasy dealer from Beverley appeared in court on December 6, where he was convicted of five counts of drug-related charges and one count of possessing criminal property. Court documents revealed that the 20-year-old operated in his Beverly home in Hull, selling many controlled substances he had ordered from the dark web.

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After his arrest, Hull police searched his apartment, where they uncovered and seized £6,000 worth of ecstasy as well as £7,500 cash in his bedroom. The dark web ecstasy dealer later admitted to selling Class A and Class B drugs during interrogation. Proctor added that he had been buying drugs from the dark web and reselling them since he was 19. He admitted to the commercial supply of these controlled substances after he had received them in large quantities by the mail.

During Proctor’s sentencing, Judge Mark Bury told the ecstasy dealer that, on December 29, last year, he went to the Atik Nightclub in Hull with just five pounds on him. He added that Proctor was seen dealing Class A drugs which he bought off the dark web and after he was searched, he had £85 on him.

Judge Bury stated that Proctor pleaded guilty to several offenses, with regards to the criminal activity he was involved in on December 29 last year. “You pleaded guilty to supplying both Ketamine and ecstasy in Atik the nightclub.  You had a small number of drugs on you when you were searched but when your residence was searched, it was a whole different kettle of fish,” he added.

Dale Brook, Proctor’s defense attorney, told the court that, his client was a good person and had no prior convictions before his arrest. Dale Brook also stated that what his client was stupid and extremely dangerous to the health of his customers and pleaded with Judge Bury to show the ecstasy dealer ‘mercy’.

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Brook also added that this case is a tragic one as his client decided that, he would get involved in the supply of controlled substances for his is own benefit knowing that there could be some serious consequences if his actions when caught. He pleaded again with Judge Bury that, the ecstasy dealer had shown remorse and stated that, it would be unlikely for his client to appear before the Hull Crown Court again.

Judge Bury told Proctor that, although he agrees that this case was a tragedy, he still wants to send a clear warning to drug dealers that their actions and doings are offensive and won’t be tolerated. Judge Bury acknowledge that Proctor made full admissions to the police but still deserved some punishment.

“This is indeed a tragedy for you. I have read your pre-sentence report and a reference from your family. You have had one or two setbacks in your life already and it is clear that it has affected your self-esteem, he stated. “I, however, do not doubt that you thought having the money available that you did through this illegal activity boosted your self-esteem, Judge Bury added.

Source: Hull Daily Mail

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