German Man Sentenced to Over Two Years of Imprisonment for Purchasing Gun and Ammunition on the Dark Web


Darknet Ammunition Purchase: A German man in Leipzig having age 42 years has been sentenced to over two years of imprisonment accused of purchasing a semi-automatic firearm and ammunition from the dark web who is believed to use them in order to harm himself and his family. A police officer residing in Australia has spotted something fishy on the dark web instantly referred to the investigators of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in Germany.

The suspect claimed that the gun he purchased from the dark web (darknet ammunition purchase) was only meant to harm himself but the police believe that the story is far more from the truth. The accused is now under the service of the sentence he received in a prison for two years and for seven months in Leipzig.

In May 2018, an Australian police officer provided tip to the German Criminal investigators for a man bearing name Matthias E. The police officer who discovered the German officer was involved in his job as an undercover weapon dealer on the dark web and that is the time when he discovered something very suspicious on the website. In an encrypted email sent to the Australian officer, he clearly mentioned that he is required to purchase a shotgun along with a silencer and 100 rounds of the ammunition. He also confessed that he needed the weapon to take revenge and attack a group of 12 Syrian men who raped his wife.

As soon as this information is revealed, the authorities started to detect the evidence but unfortunately, their attempt to do this unsuccessful. There was absolutely no evidence of the claims he made of the rape case. Finding this suspicious that knocked him more, he informed the local law enforcement agencies about the encounter in the dark web.


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