Darknet Drug Operation Landed Ohio Men in Prison


The prosecutors from Cleveland, Ohio has arraigned a one-time inhabitant and a one-time inhabitant and the current resident of Parma for the dealing of drugs like marijuana, Xanax and various other drugs on the dark web (darknet drug operation). One of the accused of the drug dealing operation is a 27 year old man named Michael Gonzalez, who is a resident of Parma, Ohio. Another dealer of the drug operation is Nicholas Powell, 32 years old, who once was a Parma resident but at present lives in Spring Hill of Florida. Powell is facing trial for two counts of the drug trafficking and conspiracy to deal with the controlled substances and as well as advertising them on the internet. The court has indicted him for the conspiracy to money laundering and running an darknet drug operation. Another convict, Gonzalez is facing a conspiracy charge for the drugs.

The two main culprits used the dark web to carry on their drug operations. Powell on the other hand used several aliases to keep intact his anonymity on the dark web markets like Hansa, AlphaBay and Silk Road 2.0. As per the investigators, some of the nicknames that the accused have used are “Money TS”, “BCPHARMA”, “BnC” and “The Source”. Based on the different criminal complaints, Gonzalez and Powell have allegedly collaborated together to trade Xanax in the U.S. through the dark web. Gonzalez has spilled the beans about how they operated and stated that Powell received orders for Xanax while Gonzalez used to fill them up. Also, it has been found out that Gonzalez received the payments through mail on behalf of Powell. In addition to that, Gonzalez has revealed that he was also responsible for the shipping of the drugs along with the weighing of the Xanax powder. Furthermore, he stated that he has ended his business with the co-accused after the shortage of 500 grams of the drug.


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