9 Suspected Darknet Drug Dealers Got Arrested by the South Korean Police


Nine of the alleged darknet drug dealers were arrested by the police force in South Korea. The officials have suspected them of dealing with the drugs on an anonymous darknet website. Among the nine suspects, one was the owner of the website who was identified as shin. The suspected owner is the first alleged of the kind who used to run a website that deals with the drugs. Soon after, the prosecution has ordered the website to be shut down immediately.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors have presented a report on the drug deals through the dark web on different darknet markets. The report claimed that the website had 636 users from March to November. During that period, there had been 50 drug sales on the website. The dealers of the drug based website have traded different kinds of the drugs. The drugs included hashish, LSD and MDMA. The suspects were also accused of growing cannabis. Thus, it was clear from the accusations that the other two drugs, MDMA and LSD were imported from foreign.

It was also found out by the prosecutors that the owner of the website, Shin also smoked marijuana. All the drug-related transactions took place in Cryptocurrency DarkCoin. It was noticed that the suspects used Dash to transact since few years back DarkCoin has changed its brand name to Dash. The information about the suspect’s (darknet drug dealers) transaction method has been known from their mobiles and computers. As per the prosecutors, the suspects have enjoyed a profit of nearly 100 million Korean won that is equivalent to almost $90,000 USD. As of now, the police are trying to find out the money for seizure due to the illicit way of earning. Moreover, the prosecutor’s report states that the drugs the suspects have sold on the website were between the worth 8 million and 10 million won.


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